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    During a group session at the outpatient clinic for the inpatient hospital I was in for depression last year we talked about a script for mediation or a happy place that would help us get into a therapeutic or meditative headspace which included the five senses.

    I got the courage to bring up what my five senses would be for the therapeutic headspace. They were related to regression into little headspace.

    The senses were:

    Smell: Baby Powder, Lotion, Wet diaper (didn't include the diaper), Percy (my plushie)

    Feel: Soft gentle pressure of warm diaper, Soft feel of Percy, Gentle Pressure of my weighted Blankie.

    Taste: Pacifier comforting latex taste

    See: Blue Pastel blanket, weighted Monkey blankie, Diaper (didn't share the diaper)

    Hear: Crinkle of diaper, Paci whistling while suckling

    We were then instructed to list the five senses and put them together into a written script which I haven't done yet, but I'm working on it. I think that having a script I can memorize could help me to regress since I have trouble.

    What would your list of the five senses be and what would your script be? I think this could be really fun to do and could help a lot of people to regress if they have trouble.

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    I don't engage in conventional AB regression but I think this is an interesting question and I hope to see some responses from others who do.

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    wow, I've never heard of this script concept before, I immediately feel that this can be very useful for me in situations when I worry too much and when my mind gets stuck in negative thoughts.
    sorry I didnt answer your question, I was just overwhelmed with this concept!!!!

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    I think that this is a great idea I think I'm going to make my own scripts to help me get in to little head space.

    Thanks this was really helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABDL4ever View Post
    I think that this is a great idea I think I'm going to make my own scripts to help me get in to little head space.

    Thanks this was really helpful.
    Of course! If you come up with a regression script post it in this thread. I'd love it if we get a good thread going with lots of scripts!

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    When I was in college, many decades ago, I wrote a poem about the 5 senses. It was really about illegal sex as homosexuality was illegal in the 60s. I'm at my laptop in the bedroom, but if I get a chance tomorrow, I'll bring it up and post it. I'm always a little reluctant to post my poetry because it's so personal and it belongs to my soul. I wouldn't want someone else to use it in their college poetry class, etc.

    Back in the day, I only wrote two poems for people, and in this case, guys I was in love with, but this kid got one of them. I'm not sure if he was lucky or got the booby prize. Of course they never saw the poems or knew I had written them. Anyway, the 5 senses encompass our totality in some way. It's certainly all present in the sex act...haha.

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    I'm going to post my script soon. I've started it but haven't finished it yet. Does anyone have a script or could make one in the mean time?

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    Thanks for this idea, it is absolutely spectacular! I do things like this when I have issues sleeping at night, and find engaging the senses into detail help one drift off. Will be using for other things as well.

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    Here's a basic regression script I quickly wrote.

    Mommy put me to bed after putting me in a fresh new diaper. She gave me my pacifier, I can taste the familiar latex taste of it in my mouth. I gently suckle on it and become more and more relaxed, I can also hear the cute whistling of my pacifier. I can smell the baby powder and feel my fresh comfy diaper. The diaper feels like a big comforting hug, it soothes me and makes me sleepy. My weighted monkey blankie puts soothing pressure on my body. I wet my diaper as I’m laying down. I can smell the familiar scent of my wet diaper along with the baby lotion and baby powder. It’s not a strong smell but it reminds me that I have used my diaper. I roll over and hear the crinkling of my diaper. The crinkling of my diaper, plastic sheets, and plastic pillow case make me feel more and more little as well as the comforting pressure of Percy against my chest. Mommy reads me a bedtime story and runs her fingers through my hair. She gives me a kiss on my forehead and I drift off to sleep peacefully with Percy.

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    Does anyone else have any regression scripts they would write? This thread hasn't taken off like I thought it would.

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