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    One thing I’ve long wrestled with (since grade school, which was mortifying) is bowel urge incontinence. Yesterday was a perfect example. Did my morning ritual; gave my intestines an opportunity to cooperate. “We’re all good here,” they lied. Drove to the train station. En route, got hit with a “need to go ... now!!” situation. Held it in as best I could. There are no bathrooms at the (light rail, elevated) station, or in the vicinity. I thought about going to the Starbucks across the street (buying a coffee, hoping they have a customer restroom)... But as soon as I parked, I realized I wouldn't (shouldn't) be going into work. Not without going home and changing first.

    Went home, showered, washed out my underwear, put on a huge ABU Simple, and did what I could from home. :/

    I'm low on diapers so I ran out and got what I could, a $16 pack of Depend "with tabs" (the 6-tape diapers), and wrapped myself in one (with a spare in my messenger bag) before heading out this morning.

    Same scenario, only this time I made it onto the train (I commute about an hour each way, changing trains 2x each trip; there are really nasty public bathrooms at the halfway point, Union Station downtown, but nothing anywhere else) before my body just decided it had to go, right now. At least, wearing a diaper, I didn't have to worry as much about “making it,” even if I soiled the diaper I could just dispose of it. Which is the point, I guess.

    Except, this isn’t exactly normal. I might mildly soil myself 1-2x/week on a bad week, sometimes not at all. I’m loathe to go through multiple diapers a day when I can usually make it in time. I tried the Tena Super Stretch y’all recommended, and love the fit and that it’s refastenable, but there are no leak guards and that worries me. The other ‘cloth-like’ products I tried were not really refastenable (Tena mostly). (Too, I don’t really want to be depending on a diaper every day... Argh. Sigh. Vent. Sorry.)

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    I understand the situation, IBS-D over here. Constant diarrhea and little to no warning time.

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    I've struggled with bowel incontinence all my life (IBS-D). Exactly as you described. Sometimes I can make it, sometimes I can't. It's far worse and more humiliating than urinary incontinence, but it was the latter that became so bad about 12 years ago that pushed me to exhaust other medical options and wear diapers 24-7.

    It can still suck at times, but my life is better since then. I make sure I wear diapers with standing leak guards, absorbent and comfortable ones. Trust me. I've messed myself in so many situations that trying to pick one embarrassing moment is pointless. Hang in there and know you are not alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spaz View Post
    I make sure I wear diapers with standing leak guards, absorbent and comfortable ones.
    Which ones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildBlueCrinkle View Post
    Which ones?
    Currently, I'm wearing Northshore Supreme during the day, but almost all the other premium diapers from brands like Molicare, Abena, Tena, ID, Bambino, ABU and Wellness have leak guards lining the inside of the diaper. When I say premium I mean their most expensive, highest absorbency diaper. Some of the second tier absorbency diapers also have leak guards. Leak guards keep that inevitable mess at bay and they also help avoid leaks if you flood, which is common with urge incontinence.

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    Tuesday afternoon I myself had a very bad bowel accident during my afternoon nap.
    It was not fun to clean up.

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    Bowel incontinence really sucks and it stinks terribly. Sorry you gotta go through all that. I don't have fecal incont- mainly just urinary. And I use the Northshorecare diapers which have got nice leak guards.
    Northshorecare supreme are pretty good and comfortable and keep me pretty dry throughout the day.
    Wearing diapers all day, one is bound to have a messy accident or two in them. Thankfully the north shores have been able to deal with my messes. Lol

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