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Thread: ABDL Diaper Fit Issues

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    Default ABDL Diaper Fit Issues

    Does anyone have issues with the way ABDL diapers fit them if you have a roughly 36-40 waist/body frame?

    I have a 38 inch waist, I'm just a shade under six feet tall and I'm not in bad shape (I'm not cut, but I'm not overweight either). The medium Tena Slip Maxi and Abena M4 fit me perfectly. I've worn those pretty exclusively but since my girlfriend has developed her own love of wearing diapers, we've been getting her some ABDL diapers and it's made me want them as well.

    She fits perfectly into a medium of just about any diaper. Me, on the other hand, do not. I've tried the DC Amor, ABU SDK and Space, the original Snuggies Waddler and the Bambino Classico over the past year. In all of them, the medium fits me well enough but the wings on the diaper are too short and I can't get/keep the tapes secure. On the large, I feel like I'm swimming in the diaper and it'll leak when I pee.

    Does anyone else have this problem? I wish diaper manufacturers made the wings on the diapers just a shade longer. But since I'm in limbo, has anyone else figured out any kind of solution? I was thinking maybe trying larges and using boosters, but I don't know. It's disheartening that my girlfriend gets to wear the fun diapers and I can't.

    Any advice?

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    I have the same issue. My dimensions are similar to yours (34"-36" waist, 5'12" tall not quite 6'). Most mediums fit well, larges are very big. here are some exceptions. Unique Wellness run small, so a large is the perfect fit. XP Medical Absorbency+ has a 'Regular' size that is a great fit. However, Total Dry X-Plus seem to run small and the mediums are tight. The original Snuggies were slightly smaller as well.

    So, a solution can be to add larger boosters to larger diapers. I have had great success with this. The bonus for me is that the large diapers make me feel more little because they cover my belly. I'm sure that is a personal preference on my part. Other options might be to use clear packing tape and fasten the larger diapers lower than the lowest tapes and that should secure the leak guard better so you don't leak.

    I like the experiment process, so I continue to buy different sizes to find out what feels the best for me.

    A bit of a ramble, but hopefully some help.

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    yeah, that seems to be "beween sizes". I don't mind my diapers being a little large on me so I usually go with size large. I can fit into a medium confidry barely though, that's the only medium diaper I wear with any regularity and the only one I know I can still fit into. The issue being the lower tapes, they JUST make it to the front wing.
    I think my hip measurements are 38" belt but my hips widen out quite a bit (43"?) at their max.

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    I have a 33" waist and even I too have experienced the "between sizes" issues. I'm considered thin, in shape, and cut.

    My every day diaper is the plastic backed Depend (unfortunately), which I wear in a large. Bambino diapers, I always get the Large as well. With ABU diapers I can fit into a medium just fine, but with Cuddlz, I've always been a Large. For non diaper situations where I still need protection, I wear Depend True Fit maximum in a medium.

    To me having a bigger diaper is more comfortable. I don't really mind having it ride up my back or having some extra room.

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    My only recommendation is that you put some clear packing tape or duct tape on the wings to keep them on better.
    They make printed tape of all kinds that look nifty!

    Best of luck.

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    I have the same dimensions as you. I'm a shade under 6 feet and have a 38 inch waist.

    You, like me are in between sizes. Medium feels tight and large feels like they have excess room.

    Large Bambino Diapers, Northshore seem too big.

    I did discover that medium Dry 24/7 diapers fit me perfectly. Then the quality seemed to take a hit.

    Now I've found that large ABU diapers seem to fit well. Not as good as Dry 24/7, but I was able to get the tapes to be snug enough and the tapes are strong enough to keep snugness for a long time until change is needed.

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    Default ABDL Diaper Fit Issues

    I'm a really big guy, and I have problems with fit because of it. Because I always pull diapers up around my belly, I usually find that the wings are long enough in extra large diapers, but the landing zone is usually way too small, which means the tapes don't work the way they should.

    I have found that using strips of clear packing tape to artificially "extend" the landing zone further down the wing works extremely well. Making the landing zone bigger with this clear tape means that I can get the tabs on the diaper to stick the way they're supposed to without having to apply ugly/patterned duct tape that doesn't match the diaper over the top of the tabs. This also gives me a better fit that duct tape ever could because it's taped the way it's "supposed" to be. I don't have to compromise on looks or function because I've got a big tummy. In my experience, most landing zones seem to be identical to packing tape, and it wouldn't surprise me if that's actually just what they are.

    So, you might try getting the smaller size in whatever diaper and then putting the packing tape all over the front wings to extend the landing zone, then taping them as you normally would. Let me know how it goes!

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    I would recommend the Tykables in large. They are absolutely the best fit for me in any diaper. I have to double them to get a decent capacity out of them, but by themselves they are pretty decent. I do have trouble with the shell breaking at times, though. Hopefully, they'll come back with their daytime diaper or an alternative to their current offering and you'll have some options. Otherwise, I don't know of an alternative. I normally just suffer through the too-small or too-big depending on how I feel.

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    Glad I'm not the only one.
    I fit in medium dry 24/7 perfectly, Abena m4 is a little snug but still good, Abena large swallows me whole
    Abu sdk in larger, is slightly to big but working good for me
    Tykables size 2 - pretty close to perfect
    North shore medium scream on me, the larges are ok, maybe slightly to big
    Xp level 4 regular - perfect fit
    Original tena slip maxi medium - a good fit.
    When I tape a diaper on I like to land the tapes more in front of me than on the sides, the tapes seem to stay when in front, I know most incontenece diaper diagrams show the tapes going on the sides and the front pad is open / exposed, if I do that with mediums the tapes end up rubbing on my hips because the diaper length is to short for me

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    Your definitely not the only one I am around 40" with a belly and like others have said tena slip maxi lge and wellness superio fit me fantastically well nearly everything else is either too small or too large I like the feel of a large size with high cut however they always end up sagging or leaking at the legs even high end Abdl ie fabines,crinklz etc. I love trying many different diapers but always end up back with tena slip maxis for there great fit comfort and reliability.

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