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Thread: I have lost all faith in humanity.

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    Default I have lost all faith in humanity.

    A TWILIGHT/19874 CROSSOVER. What the fuck. How does someone who likes 1984 like Twilight? They're like 40 IQ points away. IT MAKES NO SENSE.

    This is it.

    I hope those who take the time to read it don't commit suicide.

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    That crap is ridiculous.

    I'm just gonna quote my blog entry from a few days ago.

    Please excuse the language. I just copy/pasted it..

    It was a great story and jesus the first book has been around since at least 2004. How come 2008 was it's big fuckin debut???

    you bastards ruined it and made is so goddamn commercial.
    Why? Why do you have to ruin everything.
    Just like Nightmare before Christmas got ruined.
    And that fuckin movie came out in the early 90's.
    Now you can't walk anywhere without seeing some fucker have a jack skellington belt. >_>

    Now all you little bitches think you are Bella, changing your location to Forks, WA.
    WTF? Bitch you are not from there. You don't date a vampire, you're not good enough to date a vampire. Stop changing your goddamn names to Sarah_Cullen, Rebecca*Cullen, Bella Swan/Cullen, or any variation. Nor edwardluvvr4eva.. and shit like that. He's hot in the book but jeez not in the movie. He's just not. It's pathetic how so many fuckin people can jump on a bandwagon and LOVE this book. I mean myspace has fuckin google add "Which Twilight Character are you? Take the Quiz". What's with all the fuckin propaganda.

    I absolutely loved the story, I was infatuated, BUT now I hate it, I despise the fuckin book because you stupid cunts had to talk about it nonstop and plaster their faces everywhere.

    In short:
    Grow up bitches, you're not Bella.. And you never will.
    You ruined it for me and alot of others.
    The original book is 4 years old. Discover something new.

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    lol pepole do these things...
    its like hte pepole who dont read books read one decent then make a big deal out of it
    happens alot acually
    just happend bigger with twilight..

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    Nearly all fan fiction sucks compared to the original. That's why fan fiction only really exists online.

    Really we got so many diapered harry potter stories its insane. Also I am rather surprised someone can hype "1984" this much. It's a fictional book for crying out loud. I don't droll over Artemis Fowl or Dexter.

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    It amuses me how the only people who still invariably talk about Twilight are the same people who allegedly ''hate'' it.

    Doth protest too much anyone?

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    Candyman, it fan fiction isn't supposed to be good. Anyway you know the world is going to hell when they make a porn parody of Twilight...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Night View Post
    Candyman, it fan fiction isn't supposed to be good. Anyway you know the world is going to hell when they make a porn parody of Twilight...
    I thought twilight WAS a porn parody...

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    Eh ive seen worse on fan

    like this my immortal |
    and this YouTube - Half life: Full Life Consequences

    And yes these were on fan fiction .net

    hahhaah its to silly

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    Twilight isn't bad.... though the movie was very slow paced. And I haven't read the books. It's just become the latest thing that's cool to hate (which can be just as bad as liking something just because everyone else likes it). It is a pretty strange thing to create a crossover between though, I will say that much! Anyway, who actually has any faith in humanity?! Is that even possible?! I lost mine a long time ago.

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