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    Hello, I'm Larikaz. I love this forum for the information it provides on all kinds of diaper related stuff. As for who I am, I can't decide if I'm AB or DL or something which defies description. Lately I've discovered that if I don't have a diaper on, I get cranky within a couple of hours. So for now, I'm 24/7 and learning more and more how to live this way.
    I have a very supportive spouse who has done more than anyone can expect another person to do. I guess that (above all else) proves its love. So I'm in Arizona, and I've been wandering around the AB/DL sites for a long time, trying to stick with the same handle everywhere I go in them. I used to write stories, but gave that up.
    If you see me around, say hello.

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    Hi Larikaz and welcome. Glad you decided to get on board. We look forward to your participation.

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    Yousay that you gave up writing stories. Any particular reason? Just curious.

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    Well, to be clear, I stopped writing them because they were too s*xual in nature. Recently I have started writing again, but this time the 'hero' of my stories is someone who is born with an 'anti-aging' problem. His body grows 1/14th as fast as normal, because he has power over magic. Thus, at age 22, his body is a year and a half old (in a world with 14 months to the year). So yes, he wears a magic diaper, and the backstory has lots of that kind of stuff. But this time nothing s*xual.
    I've moved on from the backstory into this young mage's adventures. It's kind of fun and I only write it for myself right now. The back story is too rough for me to post, but the first short story is done. But who wants to read a story with a hero that's a 22 year old baby when there are no diaper changes?

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