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Thread: diapers and sleep apnea.

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    Default diapers and sleep apnea.

    hi several years ago I was diagnosed with sleep apnea,and put on a cpap machine at night.after many nights of fighting a leaky full face mask,i give up on drs. just rediagnosed me with sleep apnea again.i just got a new more modern sleep apnea machine.this time I selected a nasal pillow style breathing now I have slept 2 full nights with this,and have no problems,so now i'm diapered first then put on my mask. I think I like it and sleep quite well.anyone else in diapers with apnea here too?

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    Been a hose head for almost 10 years. I don't understand why so many people have apnea and refuse to use a cpap... If the mask isn't fitting right or not comfortable then get another mask. It is a life and death issue, you are at an increased risk for heart attack, stroke and death.

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    Hello I too have been a hose head for 15 years now.

    When I am in one of my "need' phases I do wear to bed and I sleep like a log.

    My wife has threaten to divorce me if I do not wear my mask because of the snoring.

    Now I can get even, she has finally been placed on CPAP and I give her hell if she is not wearing it at night.
    I understand that females do not snore, but those "famine snuffles" sure do sound like a chain saw on petrified wood!!!!!!!!

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    Me too for a little over two years. I got diagnosed when I had my back surgery and then was sent for a sleep study. It doesn't seem to bother me and I usually sleep diapered, so yeah!

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    My GF tells me I have sleep apnea. She tells me that I can stop breathing for up to 20 seconds and the I gasp for air and go back to sleep. So a couple of weeks ago I got the home test kit. I'm waiting on the results.

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    My mom has it too and going on vacation with her was horrible.... She'd stop breathing and then gasp like hyperventilating, then back.... I love my mom very much and don't know what I would ever do without her, thus it scared me much and caused me not to sleep well on vacation, which is not good because I am the driver. This past spring I had to break down and use earplugs to get sleep when we went to pa. When we went back there in October she had her machine and it was so much better.... Funny enough we have the same machines, but different masks. I even got her the luxury item that my insurance pays for but hers does not, a heated hose. I also use a hose hook to bring the hose over top of my head too.

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    So I got the results back and I do have moderate sleep apnea. The test shows that I have obstructive meaning there is a blockage and stop breathing 20 times an hour for 18 seconds. Which starves the brain of oxygen also putting my heart under strain. The body builds up Co2 when I don't exhale and is putting the liver under stress which causes scaring. So I have to loose some weight, give up smoking and change my eating habits or use the CPAP machine. One of the biggest problems for me is the the CPAP machine will cost more than I have and renting one is just as costly.

    So it looks like some major changes need to be put in place. I have been trying to give up smoking for a little while now but the patches don't seem to take the desire away at all but I am working on that. As for my diet well that will be hard to change as I have lived this way for some 20 years now.

    I'll be seeing the doctor on in a few days and see what he has to say.

    Cheers FH

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    Huh this is the first time I've heard of sleep apnia.
    Just googled it.
    A few times I have stopped breathing and suddenly inhaled then fallen asleep again. It happens to me very rarely - that's nothing to be worried about right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSky View Post
    Huh this is the first time I've heard of sleep apnia.
    Just googled it.
    A few times I have stopped breathing and suddenly inhaled then fallen asleep again. It happens to me very rarely - that's nothing to be worried about right?
    I would get it looked at it now before it gets any worse as it will be easier to solve now rather than later.

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    I need to go to the doctor to get tested for sleep apnea. As an infant and young child I had it and was out on a machine. Lately my husband has been saying that there are times where I stop breathing and there have been many times where I wake up during the night choking and gasping because I had stopped breathing.

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