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    Hi Everyone,
    Well my name is Sierra and I have known about the interesting little world for a little over 8 years. My boyfriend at the time (now fiancÚ') was nervous one night he was so afraid and I knew I had to listen cause his emotion was genuine. He then proceeded to tell me about DL and AB lifestyle. At first I was very confused I had never heard of it but I started relating to what a baby must feel and I started to accept it. I became curious and he asked me if I wanted to try it so I did. I don't always like being small when I get my time to wear but I love the comfortable feeling. Over the years I have became more of the mom taking care of my Lil baby. I have still worn but I am not the one who like to fall every time I wear but I am a natural mother so for us it works. I like seeing my baby smile and wondering around or snug in the crib. So that's my background and the reason I decided to join the community is to well help in anyway I can as well as further my understanding in how to make my baby more comfortable and get an understanding of my enjoyment and why mines more limited then his.


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    Hello Sierra and welcome to the group.

    A very touching story.

    I know that gaining an understanding of the situation is so important to both the AB/Dl person and the people directly around them.

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Howdy and welcome Sierra.

    Dang. Mikey is very lucky. I'm hoping to one day find someone like you, that's understanding of all of this stuff. Congrats to you for doing stuff like this for him. That's awesome of you.

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    Greetings Sierra,

    Welcome to ADISC. Mikey is very lucky to have someone who is open minded about something like this. Hope to see you around the forum.

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    Ditto like all the above. Mikey is lucky to have you. I hope you enjoy this site. I do believe that you can learn a lot about what makes us tick. I hope you enjoy the community. We're a pretty friendly group, so welcome.

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    Thank you guys. I'm glad to have him someone who can put so much trust into me and the relationship to be honest with them selves is a very valuable thing to. I'm open-minded and enjoy seeing true people. Plus the closeness we have achieved because it has strengthen our relationship. I hope you all find someone who is isn't so poisoned by society standard and what is normal to be as true to your little sides as well.

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    Guys, I feel lucky to have found her. She has never judged me for anything, not even when I first explained everything to her. When I first told her I was sure she would run away from me like I was some kind of freak. She proved me wrong, not just by accepting me, but by going as far as trying things and realizing that she is into some of the same things. I truly feel that I found my soulmate, for I feel that it takes true love to accept every part of one. She not only accepts but encourages me to embrace every little part of me, from my little side to my inner girl.

    Babe, Welcome to the site that helped me realize that I am far from alone in the world of AB/DL's.

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