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Thread: Farrah Abraham & Aww So Cute diapers

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    Default Farrah Abraham & Aww So Cute diapers

    Hey everyone,

    I'm sorry if anyone else has already posted about this, but while surfing ABDL related things I came upon the ex Teen Mom turned porn star Farrah Abraham posting a photo with two (what I believe to be) Aww So Cute diapers promotional models at an Adult Entertainment expo.

    Besides being mildly interesting, I have two reasons for posting; First off, I didn't know ABDL brand diapers did promotional booths at conventions like these? And also in the comments section, besides the normal amount flaming I'm sure she receives in general, people were having a field day with the "What kind of man would like that" etc.

    Being a life long ABDL, I know that two paid models sporting 'fetish wear' only really interest and cater to a small portion of this community. But of course, the flaming was mind-numbingly ignorant & scathing. When you guys see things like these, are you still effected by them? Are your feelings still hurt? Or are you able to shrug it off, knowing that it's easier to hate what you don't understand?
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    I saw this referenced elsewhere but I didn't follow to look at the comments. Since you ask specifically, I looked and I'm not surprised or bothered. In general, it seems to me that people are slowly drifting toward a "whatever floats your boat, just keep the freak stuff away from me" mentality that I think is healthier than the desire to cleanse with fire. It's still the minority but I think that minority is growing over time.

    I wouldn't expect that most ABDL companies do appear at venues like that but AwwSoCute has had an ongoing kinky side to their business (which a lot of ABDLs don't like), so I'm not surprised that they might go this way. Doesn't bother me one bit.

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    I'd wager a fair amount of guys would love to hear a pretty girl say they want to be "babied"

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