View Poll Results: How do you masturbate? (Most of the time)

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  • By diaper

    21 21.88%
  • By hand (mostly diaper porn)

    31 32.29%
  • By hand (mostly normal porn)

    27 28.13%
  • Other? Explain!!

    17 17.71%
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Thread: Masturbation

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    Default Masturbation

    1)By diaper or by hand?

    2)Normal porn or diaper porn, both?

    3)Ratio of diaper/normal/diaper

    *by normal I mean not diaper related ==> sex (eg guy on girl, lesbian, so on you get the point)

    - For me its mostly normal porn as of late (my ratio is like 90% norm, 10% diaper), although I sometimes watch diaper porn but not hardcore just youtube videos. Ermmm when I was 12-17 it was basically all by diaper (I didnt even understand what I was doing!)... Haha what bout you guys?
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    It always invloves a diaper for me. Either I have to be in one or I have to read one of those story's that seam to be written just for fapping, or just think of a fantasy or recall a story I read.

    In short, diapers are a must. <_>

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    the usual stuff to fap to, 70/30 undiapered/diapered.

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    I'd say about 20% in diapers, 50% diaper porn and 30% normal porn. A nice mixture.

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    diaperless fapification is slimy. yuk! i doona do dat. :thumbsdown:

    i don't look at porn either.
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    Always with my hand what i look at while fapping changes based on what i feel like looking at the time. (furry, diaper, ar, tg, ect.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abby View Post
    I don't masturbate.
    great to hear it. go you! (ps i'm, uh, pretty sure that's not really the focus of this thread)

    i only really indulge once or twice a week these days, and even then, i very rarely take a gander at porn of any kind. really, masturbation has always been a purely physical thing for me, devoid of all sexual connotations. i have no clue how common this is.

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