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Thread: Diaper change by male nurse.

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    Default Diaper change by male nurse.

    Have just got back after doctor appointment about my skin of my diaper area. It was a very embarrassing appointment in a good way. I can get to my doctors on my own in the wheelchair it's only 500 yards up the lane. After waiting my name came up so in I went. Lady doctor. She new why I was there and said I will get some help in. Shortly after a nice young guy in medical type clothes came in and helped me transfer onto the couch. He unfasten my belt and pulled my jeans down my legs exposing my diaper. He was not an expert at this because he ripped the tapes apart ruining the diaper. Anyway she came in and had a good look at my penis and skin and all and said she would prescribe a mild antibiotic cream and then asked if I brought a spare pad which I said no. The guy went off and came back with the thinnest looking nappy I have ever set eyes on. They both rolled me on my side and slipped it under me. She went out leaving it to him. I just lay there while he pulled it across and fasten the tapes. Jeans pulled up and back in the Pram sorry wheelchair. Have still got the nappy on now but Mark will be here soon to change me. I really loved all this today and felt like a kid. Since being paralysed I am so glad I got in the baby mind set. It's keeping me going.

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    Really glad you could share this experience with us - it's good that you can accept your disability and have changed your mindset to match - an inspiration to many incontinent people

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    I'm glad you can find some good, or at least, a little joy in all of this. What ever it takes to get through the day.

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