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Thread: New depends?

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    Default New depends?

    Well today I went to local walmart and they had the depends max in a new orange package, I also saw some where like a new fitted brief that was like a super plus version they where a frog green not the old style color(not at walmart) if I can find the pictures I'll post them up. So has anyone else seen/used these new depends? Heres the link if i need to take it down let me know.
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    no but they are apparently coming out with new gender specific diapers. i seriously thought they were already but i guess not.

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    I think they are rolling out right now. The last pack of Depends Max. I bought had a new wrapper to match the pictures I had seen of the new products. Diaper's still the same, just a new container. The pic on diaperspace looks like something outside the U.S. (nothing on the shelf here has ever used the term "slip" like the euro diapers I have seen/used)

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    Yeah that doesn't look like American stuff. I wonder if the Euro Depends are better than the U.S. ones like the Attends and Tenas.

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    hmm interesting (not really), a new depends bag, what a big change.
    aren't depends usually crap anyways? oh and it seems that theyy're using cloth backing now as i bought 2 packs Depends Medium Fitted Briefs (to big for me as I'm small) and one pack had plastic backings and the other newer pack had cloth backings ..

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    Depends is now putting out pull ups for men and women. I saw them in Walmart the other day. I also saw they have put out a new Maximum Brief. I was wondering if they were going to put a new style out because last week, I picked up some Depend Maximum Briefs for $3.79 a bag. I got them just because they were cheep and I could have something on hand if I don't get my Dry 24/7's ordered before I run out. I don't think Depends will ever get as good as Abena, Molicare, or Dry 24/7. It would be nice to be able to buy quality diapers at a local store, but I know that is just a dream.

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    I just went to wal-mart today and looked for these "new" depends diapers, and surprisingly, they were there. So I bought a package. I hope to try them out this weekend. So yes, they are real enough; but good? I will find out.

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    I saw the orange packaged ones at walmart, so they are in Canada. No idea if they're any different, though, and there's nothing on the official website.

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