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    Default This dream I just woke up form...

    Okay... I just had THE weirdest dream I have ever had...

    I don't remember too much, and it's fading fast, but I do remember some of it...

    What I do remember is, in my dream, I was at my dads... First off, I remember being outside, with my airsoft pistol. I shot across the back yard with my airsoft pistol, and just as I did that, a cat appeared on top of the roof of my neighbor's roff, across the backyard (Not in the line of fire, but somewhere in the general area.) I told my friend, "Dude, there's a... A cat, on top of that roof.", over the phone, since I was confused. He said something, and I was still watching that cat. The cat, it then started floating down at me.. I remember it was floating my way, and I started to worry a bit... It then changed into sometihng scary and flew straight into me. That, was the first part that scared me. I ran, inside, and it became night...

    I was laying down, to go to sleep, and then I remember, I saw something in the dining room of my dad's house. I looked at it, and it was this thing... I don't remember what it looked like. It scared me, and for some reason, now my grandmother was up, and sitting at the end of the couch. I said something to her about it, and she said, "We just show them different vaccuum cleaners (I'm assuming for sales)."They were particularly scary, they pretty much only showed up in the dark or near-dark (places lit by a computer monitor or so). They had a sort of... Not scary, worse than that... Terrifying feel to them, and I was afraid to even see them.

    I remember that, somewhere down the line, my brother did in fact show them how a vaccuum cleaner worked. At first he wanted to stab it, because it was scary, and then, for some reason, I said, "No, if you do that, you'll make them angry..." and got an EXTREMELY worried feeling that he was going to do it, even though I was just as afraid of them as him. I then remember, laying down to go to sleep, and I had something else come up to me... It was my dog, who had about a year ago died. He was, for some reason, laying with me. This scared me, a lot, because I looked at him, and told him, "You're dead...". He, of course, said nothing, and after a little while, he walked away.

    Now my feelings turned from scared to lonely/missing him, and he came back. I let him jump up on the couch and share my blanket, and he jumped up and laid with me. I think he was one of the other things, the things that tterrified me, but the feeling he gave off was not fear, or even a scary feeling, all in all, it was more of a calm, reassuring feeling. I petted him a bit, and then he laid close to me, because those Things were back, and they seemed to be the scariest thing that I could think of...

    I then remember getting up, and going to the kitchen. The light was on, and I got a drink, and went back. My dog had went into the dining room (His name is Comet.), and in order to get from where I sleep, the living room, I go from living room, to dining room, to kitchen. He went into the dining room, where there were no lights, and where the Things were.

    The next part I remember is, I was in the living room, and the lights were now on in there, and my dad and grandmother were up. My brother was also around somewhere. I remember it was still night time, but somebody came inside, since me and my dad were in the kitchen, and the entrance is there. he said he was a locksmith, and my dad had called him to open a keyhouse (whatever that is...) I asked him what was in the keyhouse, and he said, "430 dollars of nothing." I didn't understand what he meant, and it still makes no sense to me.

    I recalled a previous dream I had, only faintly, but it did make me think of it, where I helped my dad get stuff out of our shed, which was filled with bees, and the reason we were removing stuff from it, but it didn't seem like a dream, it seemed real. I knew, though, that this wasn't the keyhouse. I remember next, going into the living room, and seeing my grandmother, and she was sort of playing with our dog who was somehow back from being dead, even though I knew he was dead...

    Now, however, he was just a puppy. I pet him, and I remember he ren around a bit. The odd thing is, he never barked, in my dream, even thouh he always used to bark, on a constant basis, and sometimes, he would go to the dining room, stare at something in it, and bark at seemingly nothing (that's in real life.) I then remember thinking, about how my family is completely messed up, and how I felt bad because I couldn't get everyone to get along... I remember my grandmother, again, being there, when it was dark again... She sat on a couch near where I was sleeping, and the Things were there again. She just sat there, as they roamed around the dining room, but not one would ever come into the living room. This is when I woke up.

    I have already forgotten a lot of the dream, but this is what I do remember.

    I did sleep a LONG time, this time, from my guess is 6, to 3 in the morning.

    Some things I should point out are:
    1.) My dog, he did die, last year. He had to be put down, because he had cancer in his neck. When he had to be put down, I wasn't there. I loved him a lot, but I was able to cope with what happened, pretty okay, because I knwe it had to be done.
    2.) My grandmother.... When I was growing up, she was pretty much the mother I never had. She would always be there for me, no matter what. I am afraid of losing her.
    3.) My family, mainly my mother and that side, is pretty much the "broken" half. I'd like to get along with them, but it's pretty much not gonna happen.

    What do you make out of that dream?

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    I think that it was a good dream and maybe a bad one.. but on the bright side it sounded like it brought back a good memory of your dog and how he should have been remembered loving, caring and playful. but that's my

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    The facts you listed after the dream pretty much explains why you were dreaming what you did. I've had similar dreams about both of my dead dogs. The other parts about you family seem to fit in there as well. The vacuum cleaners and the floating cat were probably just regular dream stuff.

    As for me, I love hearing peoples dreams and dreaming my own. I just can't get over my fascination with the surrealism and non-graspability of it all. It's like standing at the edge of reality, looking out into unpredictable chaos. If it could be called an interest, dreaming is definitely my favorite one. Perhaps I'll tell you about mine later. Right now I don't really have the time. Sorry.

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    Yeah, if you have any, I'd love to hear about 'em, I love hearing of other people's too! We should make a thread for discussing and sharing dreams. What do you think?

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    Just woke up from two very weird dreams.

    First one: I'm in my dad's truck with my brother. He's driving. We're driving up a very steep and narrow mountain path, very close to the edge. We're making light conversation as we drive, but I couldn't hear what we were saying in the dream. Despite the danger, my brother fishtails around every corner, just like in real life. We come pretty close to the edge each time. Then, for the last bit, the path gets really steep. My brother turns to me and says "This is why I love this truck," and floors it up the really steep path. It almost seems like we're not gonna make it, then, against all odds, we get to the top. At the top is a full on japanese garden with a temple and pool that people are meditating around. We get out of the truck and wander over to it, and it's very peaceful. This is where the dream ends.

    The next dream, which I had almost immediately after the other one, was the first dream to actually scare the crap out of me in a long time. My sister and I were in the basement room of a house I've never been in before. Someone's knocking at the door. I tell my sister not to answer it. The person on the other side of the door starts screaming. My sister goes to answer it again and i tell her to stop. She seems unsure of herself, like she doesn't know what to do. Then the person starts screaming even louder, and pounding on the door. My sister gives in and opens the door. There's a crazed woman on the other side, screaming and wailing with blood dripping down her face and her body. I manage to get to the door before she gets into the room, blocking her entry with my body. She scratches at me and tries to get past me, but I shove her back to where she came from. With one fleeting glance I see what's on the other side of the door. The room we're in is a basement room, but on the other side of the door is the outside. Buildings are on fire and crumbling to the ground. I slam the door closed.

    Some time passes, and I tell my sister it's time for bed (she's 9). I crawl into the bed by the door, and she sleeps in the couch by the only window. I can tell by the light seeping in that it's late evening. I think I fell asleep in my dream, because it was some time later before I heard a rattling at the window. I can't open my eyes to see what's there for some reason. I stay in the bed and yell at my sister to not go near the windo, whatever you do don't go near the window. The rattling gets louder. Then I hear a scream and a crash, and something, I don't know what but it definately wasn't human, jumps into the room. It speeds across the room to where I am in the bed and holds me down by my arms and head. "Jesus christ," I scream. It's still holding me down and I can't lift my arms to ward it away, and my head is paralysed and I can't open my eyes. "Get the fuck away from me!" I exhale at it (kind of like a whisper-yell, if you know what I'm talking about) really fast. I say that over and over quite a few times. And as things start to fade to back, I'm still saying that, with more urgency now.

    I woke up and I was still saying that. I also still couldn't move my arms or my head. For one split second I thought it was just my brother playing a practicle joke on me, but then I managed to open my eyes. There was no one in the room with me.

    I was scared shitless.

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    Hmm... Your first dream seems like a metaphor for going through a rough/scary time to get to peace and happiness, such is life. It's pretty cool that you dreamt of something as peaceful and serene as a temple/monastery sort of thing, and that your mind can create such a beautiful thing.

    The second one, seems like you feel that your sister may be in danger, and that you're the only one she has to protect her, but that you have failed/can't. If there are problems with your sister being in danger, or if you feel that way, you should maybe talk to her about this dream.

    I'm in no means a "dream interpreter" or anything like that, and half the time I have to ask other people about my dreams, but this is what I personally think.

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    Wow, those are some wild dreams! Adaffme, I sometimes dream about a cat I had growing up, I dream that she is sleeping at the foot of my bed like she used to do when I was a kid.

    I haven't had a scary dream in years Chillhouse, but I totally know what you mean about the not being able to yell and having it come out as a whisper. I have had dreams like that.

    Recently things have been going pretty well for me, so a lot of my dreams have involved flying...the cool thing is, in my dream I realize that I'm flying, and then when I do, I can totally control it and fly all over the place.

    Interestingly enough, I have diaper dreams sometimes.


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    Lucid dreams... That's amazing. I've always wanted to have such a dream.

    My most recent dream was slightly more obvious about its' meaning. It was pretty much about my mom accepting me being a DL. :/ It was good that she accepted, but dissappointing when I woke up and realized she's still just as intolerant.

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