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Thread: Advice please?? (Girls, I know you'll be able to help me out!)

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    Default Advice please?? (Girls, I know you'll be able to help me out!)

    My boyfriend left early this morning for a weekend trip with some of his friends. I really, really wanted to wear/wet this weekend, but I got my period this morning. Do I still go buy diapers and wear them? Do I skip it and wait until next time he leaves? I can't decide...

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    We've heard several of the ladies here speak up saying that diapers are the perfect answer for heavy flow days. Why let it interfere with your enjoyment if you have it all under control?

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    I lost my ability to reproduce, have a period when I was eighteen but my advice is to wet it and forget it you actually will probably have a less painful period that way.

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    Don't see why not. Personally when I wear during my period I restrict it to my lighter days, but I suppose it's a matter of personal preference. If you don't want to get the diaper bloody - I'm not sure how far blood would affect the absorbency, I suppose it depends on how heavy your flow is - you could always try wearing a tampon too.

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    As long as your protection is disposable you should have nothing to worry about. Diapers and pull ups work so much better during that time. You may never want to go back to your regular protection. If you like tampons and already use them, they should be safe as long as you don't wear them longer than normal if you wear pads you can place one inside a diaper if you want to. The diaper should be plenty of protection If you want to try it alone as well.
    I am currently on my period and wearing an adult pull up. It is warm and feels great compared to what I wore before I started wearing ic products.

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    Well, advice from someone who has just came off theirs (), mine usually gets heavy in the night or because I move around a lot in my sleep a pad leaks, so I tried drynites pull ups and they worked amazingly and kept it under control, so 10/10 from me! Go for it!

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    Why make yourself suffer, I hate my period, and diapers have no problem keeping up with a heavy flow.|
    Once you wear diapers for your period, seriously, you'll never go back to pads, etc. and I think most of women on here will agree completely and be understanding. Just wear some sweats pants or a longer top, you'll be fine. Good Luck bethgirl

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    Maybe i'm a little bit late to reply, but in case you decided not to go through with it this time, I have to say i agree with DiscreetlyPampered. Once you wear diapers in place of pads, you won't want to go back. Sweats over top in the winter, dresses in the summer and you should be good! Makes a not-so-great week a little more bearable

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