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Thread: Cant sleep when wearing a diaper

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    Default Cant sleep when wearing a diaper

    This is something ive been wanting to do since forever, but i can never manage to do it. When I do it just makes me stay up all night and get no sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vapor View Post
    This is something ive been wanting to do since forever, but i can never manage to do it. When I do it just makes me stay up all night and get no sleep.
    Practice during the day first. Don't bother trying to go while in bed until you can wet your diaper while just laying on top of the sheets during the evening.

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    It took me years to get the hang of this, although I didn't try with any real consistency. What finally seemed to help me was switching to cloth at night. I often reacted in my sleep to the padding bunching and shifting and cloth held together. In addition, if I gave up on any individual night, I could just wash and reuse with no problems. Bambinod's advice sounds reasonable to me as well.

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    For me after all these years I can't sleep well without one.

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    It takes time. You just have to become used to wearing them. In time, you can be able to wear them.

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    The first dozen times I slept in a diaper I was so happy and enjoying it so much I couldn't sleep. It will take time to adjust to new sensations. If you're new to diapers, it will all take time... Especially peeing while lying down like the other responders mention.

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    Just sleeping I find kinking on your legs bit helps if your a side sleeper. I'm a front to side sleeper and it is a different experience. But once I found a comfortable way to sleep with the extra bulk between my legs and got used to the sensation of trying to sleep in a diaper sleeping while wearing is easier than sleeping without... But I also have my bear that I cuddle and he helps alot.

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    I had no problem sleeping diapered. I hadn't worn for a while and the first day I got some more I wore almost all day and at night I fell asleep very fast. I always sleep better when I am wearing a diaper, they are so comfy and I just lay there relaxed and quickly fall asleep.

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    Like others said, this just takes time. Eventually you'll get used to it, and if you're anything like me, start to actually sleep better in them. I forget sometimes what it was like when I first started wearing with all the difficulty sleeping, peeing, etc. Eventually it'll all become second nature and you won't even think about it.

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