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Thread: First time for everything right?

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    Red face First time for everything right?

    Hello! I'm Chris, currently working on a major in graphic design, and also finally coming to an agreement that I am a DL, and that it's perfectly fine! So with that being said, this is the first time I have ever publicly stated I am a DL. Kind of scary but feels relieving. (p.s. Thanks for creating such a friendly site with the perfect atmosphere! I've been lurking for a while and have gotten good info on which diapers to choose from and what not.)

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    Welcome Chris! Does the "phurr" mean you're a furry? Doesn't matter. I see you're waiting for your Molicares to arrive - How exciting! Are these your first ones?

    Graphic design - are you a gamer?

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    Nah, the "phuur" is just something I've used for usernames and game characters for ages. But yeah! I'm super stoked for the molicares, I've tried certainty and tranquility atn's and they've been fairly okay. I just felt that I should get more "luxurious" diapers from here on.
    I sure am a gamer! My last assignment that I just finished was a collage based on myself, and I ended up using ES: Skyrim as a focal point.

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    Ohh nice. You'll enjoy the Molicares, they're my favorite medical / non-ABDL diaper.

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    Welcome. Glad to hear you have come to terms with being a DL. I did a couple of years ago and don't regret it

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