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Thread: IBS and Diarrhea

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    Default IBS and Diarrhea

    I have IBS that has caused diarrhea several times a year resulting in accidents once or twice a year. Has anyone found a disposable that works well for containment? I usually wear cloth diapers and plastic pants and use disposables for travel.

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    That is the same reason that I've gone over to just wearing diapers. I use Abena L4 are about the best you'll get for containment. There is still the rare occasion that some may come out if you go when sitting or something but it'll be minimal.

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    any disposable diapers with leak guards should work for fecal containment.

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    any thing that's not a pull up and had standing guards should do fine.

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    You and me are in similar boats, and wait, only several? I suffer diarrhea on a day to day basis, do I have some kind of freak form of IBS-D? Well, either way I'm being officially checked out in a month along with having my kidneys checked, Lord knows I need it.

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    All leak guards help. I would not consider a diaper without standing internal leak guards as I am double incontinent. However, all leak guards are not equal. The best ones are relatively stiff and are tall. IMHO the best are in the Unique Wellness Superio Signature diaper and the ConfiDry Dry 24/7 diapers. Both have a plastic shell.

    (double incontinent and wearing 24/7; cloth at night)

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    There is already lots of good advice here. One extra suggestion I'd make is to wear snug-fitting waterproof overpants as well as a diaper. They really help with odour control.

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