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    I just ordered some more plastic pants today. Some of the ones I've gotten in the past have broken down quickly like the plastic gets harder and eventually they rip. I ran across some that haven't done that yet. (2 months of about every other day use). Where do you get yours? How do they hold up?

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    I just got some cheapies from a homehealth drug store...3 for $9...I'll let u know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    I got mine from Ricky (Thanks :3)

    LOL, Oh yeah, I had already forgotten about that Pojo! You're most welcome. To let everyone else know, those I got from a mail order catalog, Harriette Carter's at 3 for 9.99. How are those holding up now?

    As for where I normally get mine, I go to AdultClothDiaperCo. . They seem to have the best ones I've ever used. Their "leakmasters" are thicker, and have a much wider crotch for use with cloth diapers. That's one reason I gave those others to you Pojo, the crotch on them wasn't wide enough for my diapers, although they would work perfect on a disposable.

    As for them getting brittle and cracking on you Cation, that's from getting any kind of lotion on them, such as baby oil, or even a skin lotion. The oils in that stuff hardens the vinyl or plastic and causes them to become stiff, and when you flex it then, it will crack or tear. I found that out the hard way after ruining 4 or 5 pairs, and at 15.00 each, that's an expensive lesson.

    If you're using any lotion, try to only put it in areas you pants don't touch or cover, or just stop using it altogether as I did. Oh, and Desitin and other diaper rash ointments will also do that if it gets on the plastic pants, so be careful there.

    Good luck to you, I hope this answers your questions and has helped you out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ricky View Post
    LOL, Oh yeah, I had already forgotten about that Pojo! You're most welcome. To let everyone else know, those I got from a mail order catalog, Harriette Carter's at 3 for 9.99. How are those holding up now?
    They're still working. I always wear them when I diaper up now :3

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    Most of mine come from Babykins. I have a pair of their midweight vinyl pants and several pair of their waterproof nylon pants that I really like (the lightweight vinyl is too delicate, and splits start to appear within months). They are very durable (some of them are 2-3 years old), and they look/ feel awesome. The nylon pants are noisier than the vinyl by a long shot, but I think it's worth it because they are lighter and more durable if you ask me. I have also ordered plastic pants off of ebay, with varying degrees of success. It's important to know your measurements and the measurements of the pants you want to bid on.

    Rubber pants are not my favorite, and the one pair I have spends all of it's time at the back of my closet.

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    I get my printed plastic pants from fetware:
    Plastic pants and rubber pants resource for adults who wear cloth or disposable diapers.

    Comco has the sturdiest plastic pants and are known to provide additional room than ordinary sizes.
    Comco Manufacturing, LLC

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    I like to get mine at They tend to be more expensive, but i just love the color and print selection. The are just like the ones from ACD, so think of it as a ACD custom shop. And the velcro prefolds are AWESOME!

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    There are chemical plasticizers called phthalates (pronounced "thah-lates") that are added to plastics to make them softer and prevent them from becoming brittle and cracking. They're not chemicaly bonded to the plastic so they 'leach' out over time. Phthalates can leach into the air without any help. This leaching process can be accelerated using water that's too hot and something stronger than water can make the plastic brittle much faster and that includes urine.

    I've gotten plastic pants from a number of sources and I treat them all the same when cleaning them which is that I don't use anything but water that is a little warmer than room temperature and I don't soak them. Afterwards I put them on a hanger to air dry.

    Protex makes a 7mil pant that has lasted the longest for me and I just ordered the new 8mil pants and some regular ones from them. I recommend them for now and am anxious to try the new ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricky View Post
    To let everyone else know, those I got from a mail order catalog, Harriette Carter's at 3 for 9.99.
    3 for $10??

    Aw ... crap. /me feels ripped off now.

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