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Thread: How long you've been in a wet diaper?

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    Default How long you've been in a wet diaper?

    I' am incontinent, and as I will not leave the house this weekend, I put a diaper today, Friday, and only intend to change on Sunday. I think with a plastic pants I'll get. How long you have stayed in a wet diaper?

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    I stay in my until there full!!! I use thin depends when i go out 2 time use max and at home for the weekend 10 different diapers that hold 20 times that

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    18 hours or so. That is a typical put it on in the evening then sleep in and eat late breakfast.

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    The longest I've stayed is overnight (I sometimes like to sleep in a wet one), which would make it around 6-8 hours.

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    I wear 24/7, close to 1/2 of that is using. I practically always wake up wet, sometimes having gotten started less than an hour after going to bed. (I never go to bed in a wet diaper, always change into something thick before bed) So my longer runs all average around 8-10 hrs, as I tend to change shortly after getting up in the morning. No sense in provoking my skin.

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    Longest stretch is overnight. Almost always change for bed. If I'm not totally soaked when I wake up then I wait until after breakfast before changing.

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    Probably close to 10 hours(overnight). During the day I try not to stay in a wet diaper for more than 2 hours. Even if the diaper isn't soaked; I still try to change for skin hygiene purposes.

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    8, 10, 12 hours easy and recently did 17, with 24 only once as a max in a wet only diaper.

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    If I get too soaked, I will go and change, even in the middle of the night *_*
    Still, I have been in the same diaper for 14+ hours once, it was one I went to bed with.

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