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Thread: AIO cloth diaper question

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    Question AIO cloth diaper question

    .....I have been wearing cloth diapers for a while now and learned a lot. Particularly how to wash them. I noticed how its better to pre-soak them to prevent oder stains. I also am looking into sewing my own generally because I can't always afford buying new ones when they wear out. It is a lot cheaper than disposables but spending so much at one time is not always feasible.
    .....My main question is why is it not advised to pre-soak them? (This is the note from the ebayer) Also will it be critical to use PUL over the common shower curtain? My drier is a big convenience to me but I am wondering about how the shower curtain material will handle.
    Note; I am still working on the other idea I had. More details in my blog posts.

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    The problem with shower curtain is that it is not designed to have any weight or stretch on it - You will find it will destroy itself very quickly.
    And leak - How are you going to seal the sides?
    I tried with a plastic sheet for a bed :/

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