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Thread: Diapers during car travel

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    Default Diapers during car travel

    I thought I would post this thread with the general subject of what the title says: Diapers during car travel.

    I always thought it would be cool to wear diapers when in a car, as long as I don't have to get out in front of public of course. I think its a perfect time to wear. especially during long car rides. I think when I get my driver's license and have a car to drive that's what I'll do.
    no one would see you pretty much even if you were just wearing a t-shirt and a diaper. I mean as long as they can't see too far through your window. besides your chair is normally below the window's line of view.
    I can't wait till that day comes. And I can experience the thrill of driving diapered.

    anyway's, state your idea's, opinions whatever on diapered car travel.

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    Wearing while driving is easy...using is the hard part ><

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    Your idea is sound except for the visibility part. Any vehicle taller than yours will allow the other driver to see your lap. Trust me on this, I drive a pickup. If you are going to be anywhere in public, keep the diaper covered at all times. Semi-truck with CB > pickup > car. Car drivers cannot see into other cars; pickups can see into cars, but not other pickups; semi-trucks can see into everything but other trucks.

    For long drives, I have found that the next rest area travel time is 15 minutes greater than my bladder holding time. For this reason, I wear diapers. If you have any thoughts on using the absorbency while driving, be extra catious about leaks. Since you will be sitting on the absorbent padding, it will have a more difficult time protection your seats. For this reason, I do not wear pull-ups or low grade diapers during long drives. The overnight absorbency real diapers are my favorite. The hold plenty, don't leak easy, and do not require you to undress to change.

    Have fun and be safe.

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    cool thanks for the advice.
    It will be awhile before I ever get the chance to anyway. as im only 16 right now.

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    Oregon is stupid...

    I'm 16 and I've had my license since October 31st

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    I am 17 and have had mine for over a year. I have done this once before. It is fun, but you should concentrate more of the road, rather than your diaper.

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    Good point. but I could still park first, if the diaper became to much of a distraction.

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    I'd be hesitant, because there's always the chance of a (car) accident, or you could get pulled over. What will the officer or the person you crashed into think, when you walk in just a T-shirt and a diaper. I dunno. I know it probably wouldn't happen, but there's always the risk.

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    exactly, thats why it is kind of scarry to wear just a diaper when driving.

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    Wearing a diaper during car trips can be a good idea (although taking a short break every couple of hours or so doesn't hurt); wearing only a diaper from your waist down seems like looking for an embarassing moment. Just imagine, for instance, having to get out of the car to change a flat tyre or, as Maverick said, being pulled over/involved in anything that required you to get out of the car with other seeing you. Not something you want to find yourself into while diapered and without pants on. You'll never know what could happen when you're on the road!

    I wore diapers during my trip to Paris for the New Year's Eve (see my blog for further info), and also during part of the journeys through Europe I did last summer and a couple of years ago. When you don't do it often, it's a kind of a weird feeling, but I noticed I drive more carefully when I'm diapered, partly due to the higher level of attention in order to avoid anything bad happening.

    Wetting while driving can require some concentration (and some practice) if you're not used to it, but when you learn how to do it, be sure you're thickly padded or you could find yourself in need of a change in the worse moments. A couple of years ago, on a German motorway, I noticed the water pump of my engine had started leaking, but before I could care of it, I had to take care of my dangerously full diaper (which was near to leaking too...).

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