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    Hey Guys,

    I need a little bit of help here...

    I really want my girlfriend to spank me, you know sexually and all that.. I know I could just come out right and ask her too but I'm worried I might seem like a idiot. Because, it's usually the other way around right? The girl wanting to be spanked.

    I know she loves me and probably wouldn't laugh at me but I just need some help in how to ask her.


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    Smack her ass, and if she's playful, she might smack yours.

    Or, you could try to bring it up in a conversation. Just don't sit down for a nice dinner, and then blurt it out.

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    Start up a chat about kinks and stuff like that. If she's half-intelligent she'll quickly reply and then invite you to tell her what's on your mind.

    I wouldn't just blurt it out, but I wouldn't dance around it either.

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    I'd just tell her it's something you'd like to try. I know I wouldn't even hesitate to ask Elizabeth for something like this. I know that's different but...If you can't be honest to her about something as simple as a little impact play, then keeping a secret such as infantilism may kill you deep inside.

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    Spanking isn't really a very unusual kink or sexual activity. You're probably right that it's more common for the guy to slap the girl, but why can't it be the other way around?
    I think you should just ask your girlfriend to give it a try - she may think it's stupid, but maybe she'll enjoy the power over you. But that's for you to know or find out - I don't know your girlfriend.


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    If she knows about your other kinks, what's one more? If she doesn't this is probably the most prevalent and widely accepted one there is (except people reliving high school with cheer leader/school girl). I honestly don't think any girl is going to be all that shocked by this, unless they're one of those ultra-sexually-conservative ones, in which case you already know the answer because she wont let you take off her shirt and won't actually touch your boy parts.

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    This might be a lil tmi here but if it is feel free to delete lol.
    I just started going out a few weeks ago, and one day i was joking around with her about her needing to like tie me up or something like that. But we ended up getting in a conversation where she told me that she was into bondage stuff... which is great 4 me because ive always wanted to try it. Now wheres this leading into spanking you ask... apparently shes into whips and spanking and stuff.
    I guess what im trying to say is that if you just wana drop a hint type thing like i did and see how she reacts it might work, depending on how that goes see if you can start a conversation about it... who knows maybe this approach would work with telling her about my diaper fetish, since she's already ok with me wearing for need...

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    If you're sure she's going to be cool, just try tto lead a conversation to that point.

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    Thanks guys, I'm going to ask her next time I see her.. But not be full on and just try and make it into a jokeish kind of thing!

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    I'd say it's time to make a wager you know you can lose. Winner spanks loser!

    Then afterwards, yanno, talk about your feeeeeeelings.

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