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Thread: The good that being an ABDL has done to you.

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    Default The good that being an ABDL has done to you.

    Obviously this can complicate things. But, what are some good things that came out of it? I mean you as a person. How has it affected the way you are?

    Being ABDL has made me love myself so much more. This is really an amazing gift we have, if looked at the correct way.

    It's also made my relationship so much better. It's such an intimate secret and it's a great reminder that you can trust a person. Because they know your 'worst'.

    It makes me less sensitive to the views of the outside world.

    It made me grow more mature.

    What good has come to you from being ABDL?

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    It has certainly made me more open and understanding. Even allowed me to truly accept my orientation as well. I feel more free than I was before.

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    Accepting my little side has made me calmer and it has made me less inclined to always want to be in control and not see other peoples point of view, its made me give up some of that fear of not being in control which is really a good thing.. the best part is it has revived my imagination which really is helping me achieve amazing things and also helps me relax and enjoy life it truly is a gift

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    Good question. Being AB/DL is something I've always had to be, if that makes sense. From the time of four years of age, I knew I wanted to be back in diapers. I was miserable in some ways until I was finally able to buy my first diapers. It's like being able to scratch an itch, but an itch that's you whole being. It gives me a sense of peace and comfort, but it also defines an important part of who I am. Suddenly taking that away would be like cutting off a piece of myself and destroying it, thus, destroying a part of me.

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    Hi sis I hear.

    I'm not going to go on too much. Because I have said it all before.

    I Really love being little. I'm sure it's made my life so much easier to deal with.

    Hee, hee


    Sis I.

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    The only thing for me that ABDL has done that I can put a finger on is making me calmer and relieving my stress. I don't think my 'world view' has changed any. I have always been a pretty open person as far as that goes.

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    I would say my thought process is very similar to that of dogboy. It is something that I find a pretty big part of myself that has always been there. So the good that it has done is simply me being able to be me.

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    Not so much being a DL but being a member here I have a better understanding of the LGBTQ community.

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    ABDL makes me feel more open minded. A nice stress reliever and helps me calm down too. When I first started years ago, all I wanted to do is wear diapers. More of a DL side at that time. But after trying pacifiers and baby bottles I felt the AB side getting stronger. Now I have a lot of AB stuff to keep me occupied.

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