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Thread: Issues With Order From XP Medical

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    Default Issues With Order From XP Medical

    I'm shocked that I'm writing this after all the great things I have heard about XP Medical, but I am very unhappy with it right now. On Wednesday I ordered online for the first time from them and I have not yet received a tracking number for the order. I received a transaction confirmation but no tracking or shipping info at all yet. It is vital that I receive a tracking number so that I can inform USPS to hold my package for pickup. If it gets shipped to my apartment directly I will be very upset since it is so risky and I do not want one of my roommates to open my package. I have emailed "[email protected]" to ask about tracking information/the status of my order and received no response. What do you suggest I do?
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    I wouldn't fret just yet. XP is a solid company that I've ordered from many times without issue. They are, without a doubt, awesome.

    One word of warning, however: they have a very simplistic ordering system. You put your email in once and that's it. If you happened to have incorrectly entered your email then you may not get the notifications. If you suspect this is the case then you might want to email them with what you ordered, including your address, so they may find your order.

    That being said, I've never had issues with them and I've used them for many an order over five or more years.

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    You won't receive a tracking number until after the order has actually shipped, which can take a day or two sometimes. I usually only get the tracking number the night before the package arrives so there's a time slot of maybe 12 hours where you can type the tracking info into their system and request that they hold the package. It can be nerve racking I know, but XP almost always sends out an email with tracking info before the package arrives.

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    Yeah you should get a tracking number soon. I would give them a call. Also you can tell them to hold at location when you order. You just need to know where the closest Fed ex location is

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    Never had a issue with XP shipping my diapers not once. And yes they use USPS AND Fed Ex they have USPS Priority Mail Fed Ex Ground and Fed Ex 2nd day air. Historically USPS Priority mail is not the best option in my opinion they are getting slower and slower and with fewer and fewer processing centers mail is getting left behind or misdirected. And yes They will give you a tracking number as others state relax. And as others state make sure you type your email address correct otherwise you wont get the email with the info. Do not forget we have had a few federal holidays lately and things are delayed. 1-888-485-2268 Is the phone number.
    Also I see they got a new Diaper in the ID Slip that will ship from Holland Michigan Warehouse so as per XP Left coast orders will take a bit of time to get out west.

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    When I've ordered from them, I generally don't get tracking information until just a day or two before delivery.

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    Today I received the package of diapers to my front door. I never received a tracking number and all my messages to XP Medical were ignored. Luckily I was the only one home at the time and discovered the package outside before any of my roommates did. I have a Dry 24/7 on right now and its great but it looks like I won't be ordering from XP Medical again, unfortunately.

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    I like to use ebay when i can they are always fast on tracking and response and privacy but you pay a little more for things also i love amazon fast ship private tracking etc!! xp medical and alot of other ones like are small companies with slow response but always come threw. i will continue with xp but i understand your waiting and waiting!!! enjoy your 24'7 molicare for me then dc amour tonight

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    XP has always been a great supplier to me though tracking and need to intercept shipping is not an issue for me. Looking back the shipping email does tend arrive when the diapers do. That's quick shipping!

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