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    Hey all.
    I just ordered a half case of Bambino Teddies. It's my first time trying Bambino diapers. I've already tried ABU, Abena and Snuggies/Tykables diapers, and figured I should try one I haven't tried yet. I read the review on here (it was technically about the Classico but apparently they're the same diaper but with different prints--correct me if I'm wrong). I just wanted to know if anyone else has any experience with this particular one. Thanks!

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    I enjoy the Teddy. It fits me well, and doesn't have as wide a crotch as the Bellissimo. I like thick, but too wide a crotch is different than thick, so it's nice for me. Still enjoy the Bellissimo though, so not sure if I'd choose one over the other.

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    Sure, I love Teddies. They're about as absorbent as one of the Tykables overnights, and I like their fit a little better (I'm a 30" waist). I think they're a really comfy diaper and great for an afternoon or evening of wearing, or overnight if you put on a dry one (I've had some big leaks from wearing the regular bambino diapers to bed already wet and then wetting again during the night).

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    The Teddy was the first one I tried. I've only tried a couple others so I'm none too savvy. With that, though, I can recommend them highly. Quite comfortable and enjoyable.

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    I'm sceptical of the Teddies - the tape adhesive seems to decay really fast. I got a pack of 8, used 6, forgot I had 2 and then found them again after a month and I could barely get them to close up because the adhesive had weakened so much. I didn't even know that adhesive decay was a thing but I know it wasn't contamination from me - at least no more than the usual amount.

    I also had pinholes in a lot of them, which was not fun.

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    That's interesting. I'm more than halfway through my case of 48, and they seem to hold up really well. I only really leaked once, and that was when I peed in them sitting down. I'd personally highly recommend them because of their good value and absorbency. And.....the prints are cute too :3

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    as far as "premium diapers" go, the teddy are actually comparaitively cheap - isn't the price still well under $2/pc? $1.65 or so?

    Most premium ab/dl diapers have settled around $2/pc? I think the Tykables overnights are the only other ones under that?

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    I love Bambino diapers, but I'm a little disappointed they extended the plastic backing in the front. Not as good as ABU's new line but better for wearing to work and out in public. I'm trying out Tykables right now for wearing to work but they don't make a full 8 hour shift (neither do Teddys) and swell up as much as a Bellissimo does! Bellissimo is my #2 diaper, Teddy #3 (ABU Space/Pawz replaced Bellissimo as my #1).

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    I've never had any problems with Teddys. I've got some packs of them that I ordered a couple years ago, and they are still doing pretty good. I normally order several packages of diapers and slowly go through them over a few years. I think I might have gotten an extra package or two about a year ago. It's possible that Kaliborio got a defective package. I've never had pinhole leaks in them either.

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