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Thread: Best diaper you ever tried

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    Default Best diaper you ever tried

    I still live at home and can't get diapers as much as I would like to except for horrible drug store brands. I recently created my own sample pack of m4s, cuddlz, molicare, Id slip, and DC armor and idyl. I would like to get more and lime the ones I have gotten but I don't know which kinds are good. Also which kinds are shipped discreetly?

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    Abu space diapers FTW. get the simple ones if you're more a DL. Best diapers I've ever tried. Also, they ship very discreetly

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    3. Rearz
    4. Bambino
    5. DC
    6. Tykables

    The above seems to be the "leaders" of the premium diaper industry and are worth looking at.

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    I would have to say ABU Cushies. Abena would technically be best in performance, but ABU gets more points for rarely leaking (in my experience anyway) and for aesthetic reasons.
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    I've recently grown fond of a european brand that XP Medical started to ship called iD Slip PE Maxi. The mediums fit me alright, almost like they do with abena, but the large fits me in a way I can't describe. I love how the back part kind of sags a little bit, which is how most baby diapers seem to fit babies. Otherwise my go to diaper has become the absorbency plus level 4 because the fit is better with their regular size. If northshore would do a middle size between medium and large, I'd probably wear those exclusively.

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    ABU LittlePawz/Space diapers (same thing basically). I managed to get a whole bunch off of eBay for a steal, and my god they are like heaven on earth. By far, my favorite diapers.

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    1. Teddy Bambinos
    2. Abena M4s
    3. Snuggies Waddler
    4. ABUniverse (SDKs & Cushies)
    5. Molicares

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    Bellisimos were my old favorites. Can't even touch the capacity in the ABU space diapers though. My all time favorite right now

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    Functionally, the old Comficare's from Europe may have held the most. The Space Diaper or any of it's variants are jsut as good if not close and have even better tapes. For just the feeling, their are other good options like Waddler Overnights. I don't know who makes variants of these in Europe these days.

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    at this point I find it difficult to pick just one. There are a few little differences here and there between the frontrunners, and so I just mix it up so it has n chance of getting boring. To some degree I think the variety helps, so in that regard for me there can be no single "best diaper".

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