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Thread: I Love My Nappies So Much

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    I just can't believe how wearing a Nappy makes me feel, I LOVE my nappies. I am very new to wearing as I only recently just Had to order myself some (my depression has been very bad and I just needed comforting) I am so much better since wearing Nappies, I just can't believe how all of my bad thoughts disappear when I have a Nappy on and if I have enough time to properly wear a Nappy and wet my Nappy when home alone, I feel so relaxed for the whole day afterwards, it truly is magical, lots of people use drugs, us guys should be proud of ourselves that we have such a healthy way of relaxing, in a super nice, lovely, cosy, comfy, soft Nappy Nap Nap

    Most comforting things in the world

    I am sorry for posting or wasting a thread I just had to express how I feel on wearing Nappy Nap Naps

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    Dump the shit out of your head and thrown in away in Mr.nappy,nice system

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    Well, you're in the right place. It's not the most hygienic or socially acceptable thing to be into, but it's better than being a drug user or some other nasty thing.

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    Welcome to diapers (or nappies). They are nice. I enjoy them very much myself

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    I wear for stress and depression, too :3 It helps quite a lot! I feel comforted and safe 100% when I wear..!
    I got into this by going like "I'll try something new, meh." but it really stuck with me! I didn't realise it was this nice to wear nappy nap naps

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    I have to wear nappies as I have little or no bladder control but have become a DL as a way of coping. I couldn't imagine not wearing a nappy now.

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    I think it's fascinating how psychologically therapeutic wearing a nappy can be. Sometimes it's like the weight of the world is just lifted off your shoulders.

    Quote Originally Posted by INeedACuddle View Post
    it truly is magical

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    I admit to intensely loving to wear diapers, even if it is because I am 100% medically incontinent.

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