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    Default Your little sayings

    Everyone has little sayings they have every say every now and then.

    A couple of mine are.

    When asked if a prefer summer or winter, I say winter with the Justification

    When your cold, you can always put more clothes on.... however in summer they is on so much you can take off before you get arrested.

    And another of mine

    Great minds think alike... or just stalk each other.

    Ohh and also.

    It's funny because I laughed.

    What things do you say.

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    It may be so but I don't know cause to me it sounds like bull

    If ignorance is bliss then their high on life

    Who needs the spanish inquisition when we got the TSA

    Everything I say is a lie

    You can never talk too much about sin

    Creativity is the voice of the soul

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    Haha...funny because I sometimes say, "No one ever expects The Spanish Inquisition" from an old Monty Python sketch. It just always seems funny.

    My mom used to always quote to me, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" which is from the Bible. I've found them to be very good words to live by.

    I've also said, "There but for fortune may go you or I". It's actually from an old folk song and probably long before that.

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