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Thread: Can an adult sleep in crib?

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    Default Can an adult sleep in crib?

    Someone's story got me wondering. Could a 6ft 2 adult really sleep in a state crib? I imagine I would need to sleep in the fetal position. What about the weight? What is the best way to support the frame and mattress?

    Anyone have any experience?

    I noticed there a lot of used cribs out there for little money. Some of them even quick to assemble/put away.

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    Hi Sisi hear.

    Daddy and I have looked into a crib for me. My body is also 6ft which is very selly of it becouse it makes everything more difficult. And it grows hair everywhere wich I don't like. Why can't body's just stay the same age as the person that owns it.. then I would have the body if a boy that's nearly 5. Which would make life easy. That's what I think.

    Any way if you get a normal size crib you will need to get the bigist one you can and put some extra wood in the bottom of it. To make it strogger. Hopefully you got a Daddy or a group up to help you with this.

    Then you have to sleep all cruel up.

    Or the best idea that someone gave to me on this community site was to get a playpen that you can put around your bed which is like sleeping in a crib and then in the day time it doubles up as a playpen a bit like Transformers.

    Daddy and I did kind of give up on it. Although Daddy did say that putting me in a cage maybe a good idea at times. I think he was just teasing me.

    Hope this helps you..

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    It would depend on the construction of the crib. I've seen a few even recently that were very sturdy and would definitely have taken an adult weight. I set up my crib a few times even into my late teens and even though the springs groaned, it was fine with the mattress distributing the weight.

    I'd be more concerned about being comfortable all curled up like that and knowing that you'd always have to be careful not to put too much weight in any one place. Knowing it was an actual baby crib has some appeal for me, but not nearly as much as having one properly scaled to my size.

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    I recently just started to think about this. Why don't someone go and talk to a Amish person to build a adult size crib. There great builders and can build cheaper then paying retail

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    I've thought about cribs myself, at 5' 4" I would def fit into one, the only problem I have is weight, I dunno if any cribs would support an adult weight. Would definitely be awesome though to have a crib, like Trevor said, knowing it was an actual baby crib is appealing for me as well.

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    I have a complex rehab bed,ir is in fact just an adult crib,mine is padded as I have siezures,it also has an alarm that I disconnected,it will at the push of a button go really high so my Aide can easily do personal care,or drop to the floor so there is no place to fall out of.
    They cost between 5,000 and 25,000 dollars complete, the sleeping position is variable like a regular Hospital bed just a few more tricks.macimum weight limit is either 400 or 450 pounds.

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    I would think most good quality cribs could how an average weight adult but there would be less read for error. Bouncing around or even moving around a lot could get close to the upper weight limits. If I would get a crib (and I have though about getting one) I would get a decent one and then brace the bottom with some 2x4 or 4x4 blocks of wood.

    I normally sleep in a somewhat fetal position anyway but I do like to stretch at times. Stretching would be out of the question. I guess I would have to make a test bed and see if I can sleep in it for a night before getting a real crib.

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