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Thread: Japanese episode with a AB in it....

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    Default Japanese episode with a AB in it....

    Hello All,

    I finally got the link for the Japanese show I was on. It's a show called Sunday Family where they feature amazing or surprising people from around the world. My episode was shared with a few people like the guy who has the REALLY long finger nails and who got a award from Guinness world book of records. They had a guy who was super tall like 8 feet or something tall. Hard to tell since the shows in Japanese so I can't understand what they are saying. They have my part of the episode which starts 58 minutes into the episode.

    On it they show my role playing with a baby sitter they arranged to come out to role play with me since my AB Daddy couldn't get time off work. So then they had me come out in adult clothing toward the end of that part where the producer asks "oh, your wearing adult clothing and not baby talking anymore" and I explain how the role playing is only a small part of my day and that the rest of the day I am a adult like anyone else.

    Then they go into a few re-enacted scenes from my childhood to share situations that went into me getting into being a AB. Such as the hospital abuse that caused the PTSD, the abuse from my dad and the needing diapers for bed wetting. They found a 12 or 13 year old american young man to play the younger me. Part of me wonders if after acting out the part if he's interested in being a TB. LOL. After that they show me food shopping as my adult self and then they say goodbye and that's the end of my section of the episode.

    If you watch in the upper right hand corner of the screen you will see people on camera. That's people from the small audience to show their reaction to what's being shown. For the episode, it's not fantastic, but I don't think it's horrible either. Just ok. But I like this one because they go where the last two shows wouldn't, which is what caused me to become AB. At least for me anyway. After that they shared about 1-2 other people and ended the episode. You can check out the episode by going to:

    And then like past episodes I did, I wrote a detailed article about what all was filmed, what didn't make it into the show (they cut some scenes due to not having as much time for my episode as planned, I mean two people's story was cut from the episode completely) and I also share about what exactly people are seeing with the re-creations and the full story behind each scene as well as pictures taken during filming. That can be read here:

    Well, that's it. Like it or hate it, that's how the episode turned out. Also if anyone happens to understand Japanese and can translate it to english please do let me know. I would like to know what everyone is saying during the episode.

    -Baby Stanley

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    What's the timestamp for when you start? I can try to translate some of it.
    Edit: nevermind, I found it at 58:13.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Some attempts at a transcript

    Thanks for the opportunity to practice my Japanese!

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    Hello ArchieRoni,

    Thank you much for taking time to translate the Japanese to English. **hugs and shares my toy car wif you**


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