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Thread: New to diapers - I'm trying to find the most comfortable but don't know where to go

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    Default New to diapers - I'm trying to find the most comfortable but don't know where to go

    Hello there...I am a little girl who is new to diapers and interested in wearing diapers for comfort and protection. I really want to wear the most big and crinkly ones that also look cute. I heard that there are diapers made specifically for adult babies which might be what i'm looking for but i'm not sure. What would be the best kind that meet my specifications and where could I go to buy some?
    I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find any threads. I just want to feel more comfortable.

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    Hi ya dollydear! We have a huge diaper review area here: D_Reviews Something there might interest you and if you have specific questions ask! Usually, it comes down to personal choice. You might want to try several different ones. Many online places have sample packs to buy.

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    Big, cute, crinkly... For an LG, I'm guessing most people here would suggest DC Amor's. I haven't had much experience with them, aside from getting a sample for my gf to try out. But they have cute kitties, are a light baby pink, are super comfy (or so I'm told)... Seems like everything you're looking for.
    Google "Diaper Connoisseur"... Should be simple from there. It's a little expensive, ~$100 for 48 in the US, but I hear it's worth it.

    Otherwise, I would recommend a look at Wearing Clouds, an online diaper sample store. It's a little expensive if you get a lot, but you can decide which diaper is right for you before you commit to spending a lot of money. There's a wide selection. Also, the coupon code, "return," will get you 10% off, but I'm not sure if that's just for returning customers. Worth a shot :p anyways, hope I helped. Happy diaper hunting!

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