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Thread: A question for those experienfed

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    Default A question for those experienfed

    I am IC and made the best of it to become a DL
    However the other night I was dusting and cleaning my plush it's and wondered does that casually make me AB,

    Any I pinions welcome


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    Hi Tetra. I think that you're whatever you want to be. ABDL is a spectrum. Lots of people like plushies whether they're AB or not. They certainly fit in with AB tendencies, but if you'd rather have some other label, it's up to you.

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    Like ArchieRoni said, it really is up to you.

    There are lots of people in the common world that don't wear diapers that have plushies and aren't AB, so I wouldn't say that it necessarily means you are AB. However if that is the only element of the AB lifestyle that appeals to you, then you certainly could say you are AB if you want to.

    I think the main idea behind being AB is that you like to feel like a baby in some way. If having your plush with you makes you feel like a little kid again, then maybe that is what it is. If having your plush with you just makes you happy for the sentimental value, then maybe not. This isn't a strict guideline though.

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    I know some who collect plushies that appear to have no interest in baby stuff or diapers (of course my friend whose a bear collector also doesn't allow them in the bed so I've got my doubts about her sincerity to them).

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    Yes my last ex loved bears ( I bought her 43 in 9 years)everything from build a bear on up, she is not in anyway a diaper person or one that I think would react well to exposure to diapers, and since I know she reacts badly to anything but vanilla I have even avoided mentioning I am IC and we have been separate along long time.

    Thanks everyone for the counsel!

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