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Thread: Memory boxes sure do bring back memories.

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    Default Memory boxes sure do bring back memories.

    So today I came across my memory box in the attic. It had so many things baby related that brought back so many memories that I never would have remembered if it wasn't for that box. Even found my old baby blankie. slept with it tonight but I think it may need to be washed after being in the attic for so long. Woke up feeling like I rolled around in fiberglass.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences of recalling lost memories when coming across their memory box years later?

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    As for me, I never really had a memory box. I do, however, recall what few childhood memories I had while I sleep with my baby blankie. One of the earliest memories is one from when I was three years old, still unable to talk and barely able to walk. My family was visiting Six Flags Great America and I was being put into my stroller. I still remember I had cheerios in my snack tray. My mom looks down at me in the stroller and says something. If I could, I would go back to those times with my current knowledge to try to somehow prevent several family issues from arising. Or at least to enjoy them, because these days, my parents rarely are home, all my siblings are off else where, and I feel so lonely.

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