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Thread: I love being little because..

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    Red face I love being little because..

    I love being little because, after a stressful day or situation, I can get a warm ba ba of milk, snuggle up in my fluffy blanket with my plushies and pacifier and watch Princess Sofia the first and forget about everything else

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    Mmmm sounds good but it would have to be how to train your dragon for me. It's a boy thong.

    Love be little me.

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    I love being little because I can just be who I am.

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    I love being little because I don't feel like hurting people when I feel little lol. One of many reasons I guess; a big one.

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    I love being little because the adult world doesnt have so many colors. And my fantasy gets bored when I have to pretend I'm a grown up.

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    I love being little because it is so relaxing and takes away stress

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