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Thread: 'Foolproof' Little Dinner Ideas That Can Be Spoon/Forkfed?

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    Question 'Foolproof' Little Dinner Ideas That Can Be Spoon/Forkfed?

    Hi there, basically I was wondering what you all get your caretakers to make for you that can be spoon/forkfed (small bites, if its kinda messy, even better ) that requires next to no skill to prepare, as my Nanny is not the best in the kitchen it's gotta be foolproof!

    Healthier options are preferred~

    Can anyone suggest things? I need two dinners for her to make when she comes up next weekend :3 Cost-effectiveness would be nice too.

    Food ideas to stay away from:
    high acidic content foods
    Mac and Cheese (I'm sick of it sorry >.<)
    Pizza (we kinda binged on it on her last visit)
    'actual' baby foods (as in stuff found in the baby section of stores, if you want to suggest 1 thing of it as a 'side', that's okay though ^_^

    Anything else is fair game~

    Thank you for suggestions/ideas in advance.

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    Chickn nuggets and french fries, cut into little bits?

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    thanks for the suggestion, its a common one I'm getting from other places (xposted this elsewhere)....

    I also got peas/mashed potatos/raw veggies as ideas for sides. and thought about tater tots ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleBelle View Post
    Spaghetti with tomato sauce
    Canned Princess shaped noodles in tomato sauce! perfectly messy, espeshully when you try to feed yourself with your hand!

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    My parents used to make us semolina whenever we were sick, since it's easy to digest and wouldn't upset our tummy. I still like it^^
    You cook the semolina with milk and a little sugar (however much of a sweet tooth you have) and serve it with either some kind of mashed/otherwise liquified fruit or sugar and cinnamon. So tasty and wonderful to eat with a spoon^^

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    Depending on how messi your nanny is going to let you get. Things like bolognese or cottage piy are healthy and are easy to do and can be bleaned down so your nanny can feed you.

    If you like to get to missiy than pizza a good one.

    See my thread on baby food there are some good sergestion there.

    Hope you have fun. And be a good girl for you nanny

    I haven't had a nanny look after me. Sounds good and it would give daddy a break.

    He he I ask daddy about it.


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    Something we actally had today...cook/fry some vegetables and noodles, put it in an oven-proof oven thing (don't know the word in English), put feta cheese on top/in it and bake it in the oven until the cheese is kinda runny. Use whatever seasoning you like. It's really easy and tasty and healthy (I think^^)

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    Mashed potatoes, hot dogs cut into little pieces, alphabet soup, cereal, etc.

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