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    This could be strange for someone in their 20s, but I've never dated before. I've been thinking of looking for someone. I'm in a odd situation I live in a place where my family is the major part of the population. This makes it hard for me to find a people around here without thinking I might be related to them. That and my lazy eye make me think I don't have a chance in the dating world Any help or advice on this topic would help.

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    dating for me was a big no no up until i turned 25, I didnt have much luck with women, then i started using dating sites, my best result was lol.. anyway, just be honest, there is someone out there for all of us, including us AB;s


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    I have not dated much. I would say I didn't go on a real date until I was also in my 20s.
    I also have a lazy eye, but I don't think it's too bad as it's really never caused me any trouble. Like it's not exactly noticeable.

    Anyway, everyone has a chance in dating, so I say just go for it. Now about the whole family situation ... this might be a little unorthodox to say, but who cares. XD I means as long as you are not dating your immediate family like ... don't see what it would be a problem. We all are technically related in some way, some more closer than others, but it's all generally the same thing.
    Technically speaking, there isn't anything wrong with even dating immediate family as long as your not planning to have a child XD, cause that can cause all sorts of problems. Lucky for us, well most of us, we have a sort of in built in system that makes us view it as being gross to prevent it :P. Doesn't always work though.

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    I'm 30 and not dated yet. I'm still trying to make enough to move out. That and I don't really care to be with any one.
    Once I'm on my own I'll look for some one who is compatible, about as probable as winning 1.5 billion$ tomorrow.

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    I am in my late 50's and have not dated much since age 18.

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    I hesitate to give dating advice to you, since I think the norms for dating among gay people in big cities are pretty different from the norms for straight people in small communities. But one thing I think is universally true: if you want a chance of dating successfully (whatever "dating successfully" means to you), you have to accept the risk of rejection.

    A lazy eye shouldn't stop you from dating. I know three people with lazy eyes (one with a subtle case, two with very noticeable cases). All three of them are married.

    How closely are the people in your community related to you? There are many good reasons not to date immediate family...quite apart from the potential for genetic problems in children, there are emotional dangers that are best avoided. First cousin relationships are controversial...they are legal in some places but not others. But dating or marrying second cousins and more distant cousins is generally considered A-OK. There are no genetic risks (unless there have been many generations of inbreeding), and the emotional risks are no different from the risks of dating an unrelated acquaintance.

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    I don;t like the option of dating family at all. I'm not like my family, at least not this half I live near. Most of them barely live good lives. They settle for just living. I don't care for any of them. I'm thinking it's best to hold out a little while longer till I can move and have a fresh start.

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    Wait..... just what are we talking about here?

    I mean I am not a judgmental type person..... hell I wear a diaper.....


    There are many good reasons not to date immediate family
    There is just all types of wrong going on when the above has to pointed out.

    I married my high school girlfriend, a mistake. Got divorced, and am now have been happily remarried for 12 years. Its been awilt since I have been in the dating zone..... but my advise is to be yourself and be honest. The "dont be afraid of getting rejected" advise mentioned above is also solid. There really is somebody for everybody, so take your time.

    Also, I dont recommend talking about your AB/DL fetish with a perspective mate. Wait until things get serious and if its important to you, discuss it.

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    I'm 30 and have never even kissed a girl (unless you call a 2nd grader planting one on a high schooler and getting in trouble with school and parents).

    For me, I just can't really go up and start talking to a girl, I'm am horrified of being rejected, and it all started when I was in Middle School or High School. Every single girl said no, even giving cliche replies "I'm getting my hair done" any of those types of replies. Even into my adulthood 18-25 I tried and I've been called every type of word you can think of from girls.

    I stopped even trying to, my self esteem really is zero.

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