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Thread: bambonature- safe site?

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    Default bambonature- safe site?

    Hi. I've been looking at places to order some diapers from, and I came across this site which had a good price on abenas. However, I haven't heard of it before, and wondered if any of our UK (or other) members knew anything about it. What do you think, would you trust it?

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    The shopping part look legit.
    All I can say is try and tell us how it goes.

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    Just looking at the site it looks very sketchy. What kinda company makes both baby and adult diapers and does it on the same page...

    On the other hand running whois on it shows its been registered a while and the name is legit. I would probably use a throwaway CC number though if i ordered from there just to be sure.

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    I found a really good deal on a pair of skiis last year, the site looked really legit. And after like 3 weeks I was like "where the hell are these skiis?"..... They never came..... So we called the credit card company and had it looked at. The people hacked our paypal account (very large) and bought a bunch of crap, and didn't sell skiis at all..... We got all the money back though

    Careful where you buy from....

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    If unsure, pass on it, and that is what ill be doing. Thanks

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