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    I received a case of the new ABU Simple diaper last night. I have only used one diaper. My first impressions were that it was basically a Bambino. I believe they are made by the same company. The diaper however did seem more absorbent than a Bambino though. I need to try more before knowing for sure. Has anyone else here had experience with this particular diaper?

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    The ABU Simple is slated to be the same as their Space diaper other than the all-white print. My review of the ABU Space diaper is here.

    They are not made by the same company as Bambino, and frankly, it's a very different diaper by my testing.

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    They may very well be made by different companies. I am just saying that my first impression was it seemed very similar. They seem to have the same cut and plastic. I do need to try more so that I can find the differences. BTW...I love your reviews!

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    They do seem very similar. My first impression that they were made on the same machine because they have a very similar feel. The ABU space diaper is much more absorbent though.

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    I'd also agree that the space design is much more absorbent than the bambino design. I tend to go by the cut of the padding to try to identify diapers made on similar machines. The transition from the crotch to the back padding area is usually very squarely in one of a handful of shapes, and I consider those to be made on the same types of machines if the padding cut there matches.

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    I stopped by the ABU warehouse in Everett last week while in the area and picked up a bag to try out. Ive really enjoyed the space diaper, so I thought I'd try these as well. So far, they seem to be the most absorbent and comfortable diaper I've ever worn. Have nothing negative to say about them at all and will be ordering a case soon. The guys there were great and it sounds like they will be introducing a few new items in the next few months as well. It looks like the new owners have really turned things around.

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    After having tried another, I agree that they are more absorbent than Bambino. Truly an excellent diaper. I still believe that they are made on the same machine as Bambino because the cut and similarities are substantial. But they definitely have a better core.

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