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    Just had my delivery of nappies this morning, and I bought a pack of the new crinklz nappies along with the new Betterdry nappies, and some how I feel a bit ripped off with the crinklz.

    Now don't get me wrong I like the new crinklz nappy and the design is better,but for me if they are going to call a nappy crinklz shouldn't it actually CRINKLE!!!!????

    Yea it's got a nice feel to it but I bought these cause I really love crinkly nappies and these I feel have a very minimal crinkle. I know these are made on the same production line as the Betterdry but I would of thought they could of changed the film they used.
    End of the day we're the purchasing public and they make money out of us!

    There is a slight crinkle but I would of loved ones that I could hear under my clothes when I walk. It gives me that lovely feeling that I'm wearing a nappy.

    Please any ABDL companies out there that produce nappies, ABU, Rearz, Tykables,etc... I PLEAD to you please make a nappy that has a great crinkle to them I'd be your best customer.

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    Buy some Tranquility ATN's, they crinkle a lot and are cheap. Throw some stickers on them for a more babyish look.

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    crinklz are one of the loudest diapers, because their entire shell is a stiff thin plastic with a good amount of crackle when flexed. ATNs are probably the only comparable diaper to them for sound level. They won't be better though, about the same. Methinks your expectations are a bit too high?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    crinklz are one of the loudest diapers, because their entire shell is a stiff thin plastic with a good amount of crackle when flexed. ATNs are probably the only comparable diaper to them for sound level. They won't be better though, about the same. Methinks your expectations are a bit too high?

    bambinod are you talking about the new or old style crinkz??

    I'm talking about the new crinklz, the new plastic is not stiff at all in fact its very soft now, not like the old style at all, I tried on both today to compare and the old were a lot louder like you said.

    I just like my nappies with a loud crinkly sound to them that's just my thing as it takes me to my little side and reminds me of the nappies of back in the good ol days .

    End of the day I'm a paying customer and they wasn't what I expected that's all.

    I should of just stuck to my usual attends with waistband as they are the king of crinkly nappies. but they suck with absorbency as you have to buy stuffers to increase the absorbency.

    I've tried tranquillty and they are very good but quite hard to come by in Europe.

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    Ah well I am referring to the originals. I see that comficare rebranded as BetterDry and changed their product a bit? So since the crinklz is based on the comficare I think we can assume that's made the same change in construction. (in addition to the pattern change)

    I've looked at the new crinklz and I think it doesn't look as good. They got rid of the overlapping print on the tape panel, but the rest of the design just looks a lot worse to me. Opinions?

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    I actually don't mind the new design, I always thought the tape panel didn't look that great, looked messy with characters overlapping each other.
    That's my opinion others may think differently..

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    No I agree with you! This new design is very puzzling The new BetterDry is disappointing in many ways if you ask me. But mainly because they have the COMFICARE diaper to follow up!

    They aren't as thick, which a lot of ABDLs aren't going to cherish! They are Press-Packed now, unlike the Comficare which we liked because we wouldn't have to air them out for days fluffing them up. (Which I've found has never really worked anyway)
    They've changed the backing material to the Europe Standard dry touch PE stuff which has lost that wet feel quality you get from good quality PVC & latex. I myself prefer the more rigid plastic they used.
    They've DECREASED the crotch size! A HUGE no no in the ABDL world apparently!
    But the BIGGEST change they've made has to be in removing the landing strip altogether. :O And I'm not just saying they've removed just the plastic that crinklz; I mean there's no added texture, no printed graphics, & no Numbers that helped you balance the fit. You can't readjust the tabs without ripping the plastic. I've tried.

    This is very disappointing, & I too feel cheated. We were promised a "better product" & it's even called BetterDry! And THIS is the product to succeed Comficare?

    They ignored market feedback which was plain to see on their website (until they removed all negative comments conveniently!), & youtube comments section of the Comficare/Crinklz videos. & I feel bad for those who feel they have been mislead.
    Still, it doesn't matter anyway since Tykables are coming to the UK in force! And the ABU Space Diaper is even more Comficare than Comficare!! Ha Ha! They are a dream come true!

    We'll see what happens to BetterDry. My guess is that after the initial buzz in curiosity they will possibly fall into the already saturated market of cheap imitations & lower quality brands. It's clear that they either can't or shan't give the consumer what they want, & that Comficare was indeed a fluke. I am having to use duck tape right now in securing the right lower tab which ripped off as I bent down. Such a great disappointment.

    R.I.P. Comficare.

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    Yep as others have said BETTER DRY diapers are rubbish no better than other lower price diapers on market

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    As I said in a previous post on the betterdry diapers, I've started making my own landing strip, I bought x6 75mm clear packing tape from Amazon for only 10 it's quite good if you put it on carefully and helps eliviate the tapes ripping the nappy.
    Shouldn't have to for a so called premium product but if needs must..
    I certainly won't be buying anymore until they make some decent changes.
    I've got bloody loads to get through.
    I've made a note to self that in future I'm never going to impulse buy until I've least tried samples! Will save me a lot of disappointment.

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    What's worse is that their website is down. I'm sure they would've been bombarded with complaints.

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