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    I bought the regression arousal because hate it happen when I'm wearing a diaper for one hurts being pointed down and two its just irritating. So I have been listing to their recording from Baby Pants for about a week now. So sine I have been listing to its actual work and stay complete limb with no sexual feeling at all in my diaper like it suppose to do. It was well worth the money and just want to share that they're recording do work for you.

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    sounds like something I would be interested in trying

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    Glad it worked for you. I think hypnotism works best when you really want the thing already and are happy agreeing with everything the hypnotist says, so your situation sounds like the perfect case for it. I bought the bedwetting one a while back for a kick, and while I've never actually wet in my sleep, it is quite relaxing and fun to listen to.

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