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    Well there is this girl i kinda like a little bit. And we where friends for a while.And she said she liked me. She liked me 1000 more times i liked her. And she wants to go out with me and wants to date me. And being me i didnt want to do any of that. And she can tell that i like her. She thretend to dissapear and not be friends. If we didnt get together. And i didnt want to lose her as a friend. So i told her i would go out with her. And she pushing me to go on dates with her when i dont want to! I want to be just friends and not go out with her >.>, Shes 15 and you know my age.

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    Be honest? Just say you don't want to go out and that if she'll break off friendship then that's hers (and your) loss. Tell her you want her as a friend, but don't wanna date "Right now". Something like that.

    Or try to date her, maybe you'll like the "Activities". You never know...

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    You don't want to be in a relationship that means significantly more to the other person.

    So I'd suggest just talking to her and telling her you that you only want to be friends.

    Although since she "threatened to disappear and not be friends" I think she sounds a little... strange. Let her down gently and hope she's bluffing. Either way, you don't want to be dating somebody who would say that.

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    Yeah, just tell her you don't want to date right now, but that you'd like to remain friends with her.

    Don't let her whip you around. If you're not ready for a relationship or whatever, don't let her tell you, "Go out with me or this friendship is over!!!" Because the next time, it'll be: "Have sex with me (despite having no condoms) or this relationship is over!!!" It doesn't sound like an enjoyable relationship if she forces you into it.

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    I have at least 8 people that want to go out with me right now, and I really don't want to date. 3 of them are exactly like the girl you know. They push me to date, cling to me, one of them kisses me in the hall whenever he gets the chance (yes... he. only one of the clingers is a guy). The thing is, and maby you can try to explain this to your girl, that I'm only out there to be a friend. I'm not ready to take things any further than friendship and if you convince me to go out with you than It's going to be short lived and were probably not going to be friends when it's over.

    Really it's a conplex way of saying "It's not you, it's me". Well it's true.

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