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    I am curious have anyone told your doctor that you still wet the bed at night even though you don't? I am curious what would happen if I told my doctor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickyking View Post
    I am curious have anyone told your doctor that you still wet the bed at night even though you don't? I am curious what would happen if I told my doctor
    He would probably run some tests on you and if he thought you had a problem, maybe put you on medication. Not the "prescription for diapers" answer you're looking for, is it?

    Anyway...Welcome Ricky! This looks like your first post? Please take a moment and introduce yourself here.

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    Trust me you don't want to go through the tests that the doctor would have you do. They are painful and not fun at all. I have had them done for my IC and it was horrible. Put it this way I cried. It is not really a good idea to tell your doctor that. Diapers are the last thing they suggest you try. And even if a doctor wrote a script for diapers there are two issues. 1. Lying to the doctor to get them is wrong. 2. Most insurances don't even cover diapers and the ones they do cover are really terrible.
    It is never really worth it to lie about these things to the doctor as much as you want diapers that is not the way to go about it.

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    I sort of did this once, though it wasn't the typical kind of doctor and I didn't have much of a choice. I went to a trade school called Job Corps, and they are a pretty strict kind of school. Very military kinda thing, but not boot campish. Once you join, you are essentially stuck there through out the week. You can't typically leave campus on weekdays until you have earned the privileged too. You have to wake up super early, short time to shower, and you have to make your beds very neatly, military style. Couldn't even have stuffed animals. I tried and got in trouble XD.

    Anyway, considering I am an AB/DL and I have a bit of a bed wetting problem, more often on purpose, but sometimes not. Eventually they just found out that I was a bed wetter. Kinda hard to hide something like that for very long. So .. they have doctors on center at all times and they sent me to them. Now of course, you can't blow them off, as you would get in serious trouble. Considering I had no where to go at the time and wanted to be successful ... getting in trouble was a no no.

    So of course I didn't tell them I was an AB/DL and just told them that I was a bed wetter. Not entirely a lie, but partially. Now let me say, diapers was not what they recommended. Not even once. First it was medication. That really didn't work as it made me feel like crap ... and going out to drink, I found impossible to do unless you want to get wasted on 1 beer. I seriously blacked out off of 1 beer while taking those medication and normally I would only have a bit of a buzz with 2. Medication for urine reduction and alcohol is not a good combination. XD Those meds also made my mouth constantly feel dry.

    So eventually I went back to them and told them, I didn't want to take meds. So the next thing they did was recommend catheters.

    I have got to tell you, it was tough being a bed wetter with 3 other room mates and like 30+ dorm mates, 4 dorms in a building for over 100 in total. Even if they had eventually decides on diapers ... well ... no way to be discreet about that in such a situation. XD

    I spent 3 years there. Close to my leave date, I was about to get thrown out due to the bed wetting. Lucky for me I convinced them .. that I had already been there this length . .what is a couple more months.

    Edit: That experience essentially changed my entire perspective on being an AB/DL. I really began to no longer care who knew. I faced so much embarrassment it was hard to be embarrassed anymore.

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    My recommendation with a doctor is not to discuss it, but if you do, be honest about it. Doctors have a rule of confidentiality, so it's generally safe to tell them about what you're going through (though note in the case of brabbit that if you're sent to a doctor by a job or school, the doctor might have to report to the institution based on why you were sent there, you should discuss that with the doctor to understand it before confiding).

    Now, the reason I recommend not bringing it up is that a doctor is there to treat you for illness and disease. So if you bring up bedwetting or diapers with a doctor, they're going to immediately think that means you feel that it's a problem and you want their help fixing it and it will take work on your part to convince them otherwise.

    If you do discuss ABDL, I think honesty is the best policy. As brabbit's story demonstrates, if you just tell a doctor you bedwet or otherwise experience incontinence, they're going to suggest medication and invasive procedures, not a diaper prescription. If you're honest with the doctor, they might consider recommending you a psychiatric evaluation (again, assuming it's a problem), but you can at least address things more effectively together. Also on that note, it's a good rule of thumb in general to tell a doctor not just what you're experiencing, but also why it does or does not bother you and what you're hoping to gain out of it. For example, if one is a person who has incontinence but also enjoys diapers, telling the doctor that you're incontinent but uninterested in medication and that you like diapers as a solution but want to hear their opinion on the issue will probably lead to a much more productive conversation than just telling them you wet the bed sometimes.

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    The best way is to skip the docror. And find out who your local incontinemce nurse is. Speak with them. (Works in england)
    Sorry. Predictive text.

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    If you lie to your doctor and have medical insurance pay for the testing,or possibly diapers,your insurance company when they find out (AND THEY USUALLY DO) And they usually do ,will press multiple felony charges for fraud, that means a record,and in 35 states you lose your rights even the right to vote (getting a job becomes really difficult) all in the pursuit of a third or fourth class free diaper?

    If you are going to sell your soul to the devil, at least make sure it's worth it!

    You have no idea the trickle down effect this will have on your life, and you will never be able to hold a job that requires a back round check,never hold public office,never be able to volunteer,most likely never be able to support yourself let alone a family,and if you ever do become IC NEVER ACCESS DIAPERS.

    It is plain stupid,don't do it!


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    I made the horrible mistake of mentioning my incontinence to my doctor years ago when he asked why i was wearing a diaper, needless to say he kept bothering me about it and talked me into medication which was expensive and I still had to wear a diaper because it didnt work well anyway, then he started talking about tests and catheters and other invasive solutions at which point I finally told him that I preferred diapers and that was what I would use and if he couldnt deal with that I could find a new doctor which I eventually did. Now when I go to the doctor I wear a pad or a very low rise pull up and pray to god they dont notice and start bugging me again! Bottom line is Doctors, like the police or the IRS need only to be supplied with relevant information.

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    Here’s a different twist on being truthful with a doctor. Periodically I see an urologist to check for prostate cancer. Noting that my prostate is enlarged, invariably he’ll inquire as to how many times I get up during the night to urinate and if I have a problem getting back to sleep. I always brush the question off with something along the line of “a couple times and it’s not a problem”. Truth of the matter is I regressed back to bed-wetting long before my prostate grew so it has zero impact on my sleep. So what do you think, should I tell him about using a diaper at night or stick with the white lie?

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    I told a my doctor years ago, but not because I wanted to, but because I was wearing a diaper and he asked me about them. I told him that I had been wearing for a number of years (this was not a lie because I had been 24/7 for that about of time) . Because of my age is was concerned that it might be something more, so we asked me to take a few test and also gave me some samples of prescriptions to take and try to see if they helped. I went and had the test down and they found nothing wrong with my bladder, and I never tried the meds, but instead did my research on them first. I really don't like taking meds unless I really, really, have to. The meds he gave me had bad side effects so, when I went back for a follow up appointment I told him I had stopped taking the meds because of the side effects and that I was ok with having to wear diapers. He told me that after all the test everything came back fine and it was just an overactive bladder, and if I was ok with the briefs then to keep wearing them. But, I also know not all doctors are that understanding!

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