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    I just had a nightmare tonight! Before I tell you watt happened you need to know that last night my mom found out I liked and wanted to be an ABDL! She dosnt know I already have diapers and stuff. So when I went to bed I had this very horrid nightmare. Am ABDL's worst nightmare. The dream happened like this. I was in my hallway while my mother gave me some towels to our away. I went in a small room in my where no one lives. Also where I hide my diaper backpack. I'm not sure why but I was going to put the towels in my backpack where my diapers were to help hide them. She walked into the room. She came in before I got to my backpack and saw it on my large suitcase lying on the ground and she almost picked it up and I grabbed it trying to protect it. It was now obvious that I was hinding something. So she went into it and found my diapers, took my backpack, said "These diapers are going to your cousin who needs them" and walked out of the room tanking everything. (I still had more diapers hiding) After this In the dream felt like I was stranded and watched like a hawk that I could not hide anything with privacy. In the dream she didn't know I had two pacifiers. All the time in real life and out of the dream, I feel like she's gonna find out somehow. I'm very afraid as I do not have a lot of options for hiding places.

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    Awe, dang. Sorry about the dream. Do you have the option of getting a small trunk that can be locked or something like a small wardrobe that could be locked? That way you could maybe more safely hide some of that stuff.

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