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Thread: My View on Attends Extended Wear

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    I know this has been reviewed, but that thread is closed, so if this bores anyone I'll apologize in advance.

    Attends Extended Wear:

    This is a good diaper

    Mind you it's not the greatest diaper...or even in the same class as some of the greatest diapers, but it is a good diaper. I've never been a fan of "cloth-like" covers, and if I had my way they never would have been invented...but I like this one.

    Appearance: These diapers are all white, so if you're a traditionalist you'll be thrilled. They do have a very faint wettness indicator but it might as well not even be there because you really can't see it.

    Tapes: The tapes are great, they are a combo of adhesive and velcro. They hold great and can be refastened and readjusted over and over again.

    Performance: These diapers are absorbant. Not the most absorbant, but they can hold 3 wettings before they leak. They do not have leak gaurds, I imagine if they did, they could potentially hold 4 wettings.

    The thing that gets me about these diapers is that they are very comfortable...I don't know what it is about them, they don't seem too different than some other's I've tried. Yet these just feel very nice when you put them on. I used a lot of baby powder and they just look, feel, and smell great

    Anyhow... give them a try. I if you like "cloth-like" and are looking for something that is thicker than most store bought brands...Attends Extended Wear may be for you.


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    Yea I've started using them mostly for daytime, they are pretty good. If you manage to "get all you can" out of them, becareful when change, as the diaper does tend to fall apart. I use a sz 6 baby diaper as a booster, they work pretty good.

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    I couldn't ever justify the cost of the "Extended Wear" Attends... they're just too expensive.

    Though on the other side of the coin, if you added a plastic cover and an additional tape to each side you'd have what are basicly "classic" Attends. They were all like that before PaperPak got cheap.

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