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Thread: How much have you spent?

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    Default How much have you spent?

    Was wondering about this as I was looking through EBay. Whats the most that you have spent on a single item or set of items related to AB or DL. It can be anything, from diapers to furniture.

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    Greetings from across the River!

    About $100 on a Cosco wooden highchair, years ago when I could actually fit in it.

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    I think my most expensive item to date that's ab/dl related would be my All in One Company footed sleeper. I paid around $160-170 USD for it.

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    I once paid over $300 for a package of vintage Pampers from the 1980s. Now the prices are well over $500, and sometimes they reach the thousands. That's too rich for my blood, so I'm out of the vintage diaper trade for now.

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    The most I've spent is $50 for my pirate onesie, I've also spent between $25 - $50 on things like the Little Keeper Sleeper and other onesies and footed PJ's. My diaper purchases aren't as big as ultrapampers, I mostly stick to ATN's and Abenas. I'm considering spending a bit on the Waddler Overnights because they are on clearance for 25% off right now.

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    I don't have any monies,but my mommy buys ALL my baby supplies and needs.I don't know what she has spent on ANY items!!

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