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Thread: Saving Diapers Long Term

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    Default Saving Diapers Long Term

    I often look back on baby diapers that I would wear when I was first getting into the ABDL life and as I "grew up" and wish I would have saved a few of them. I've been able to find some on ebay, but the price just ins't worth it to me. I decided I'd start to save the different types of baby diapers I pick up so I can look back on them and their designs in the future.

    I've gone through and taken 5 out of each pack I have and vacuum sealed them in bags to protect them (and make them more compact). Has anyone else done this? Did it work well? My main concern is that after being compressed for so long they may not come back to life so to speak.

    If nobody else has done this, does anyone have any tips for saving diapers long term? I don't want to save full packages (more money and takes up too much room) but I also don't want to just leave them loose in drawers. I'd like to eventually have a bit of a baby diaper archive to look back on.

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    I wish I could say I have 5 vac-packed samples of ever diaper that I've had! Keep it up!!

    I try to save a couple/few sampless of my various diapers, and my collection now fills several large boxes. I just wrap them up in thier original wrapping, to protect them and to ID them. Works for me

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    I have kept samples of certain diapers. I have a single of Goodnites from 2005 Boy , 2007 Girl , 2009 B+G, 2010 B, and 2012 (one of each G)
    I also found 2 whole (unopened) packs of the B 2008 and 1 pack of G sleep shorts at the thrift store, so I got those of course.
    I definitely keep samples of good diapers and I will hold on to at least one after my supply for that particular type runs out.

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    I'm with you on that. Call me a hoarder or catalouger, but I still have just about 2 of every diaper I've purchased since 2007.

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    I have a rather large 1 of collection of both baby and adult diapers spanning several decades. I am hesitant to use them up but they are just taking up space. I wounder what they'd fetch on ebay....

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    Definitely vacuum-pack them, keep them out of sunlight, and avoid extreme temperatures.

    And act fast, if you're trying to preserve anything that's already somewhat old. I'm always watching ebay for deals on vintage diapers, and have snatched a few bags of decades-old Pampers and Huggies when it seemed that the big spenders weren't looking. They do blink, but it's rare! Sadly, most of these diapers simply haven't aged well. The padding, having been squashed flat for decades, won't fluff up; the lotions and other additives have lost their scents, leaving a dry, stale smell; etc. Of course, I wait for deals because I mean to actually use the diapers. If all you mean to do is look at them at some distant time, then you may not need to be too careful. The plastic parts, anyway, will hold up fine.

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