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Thread: Using diapers

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    Default Using diapers

    Why do I have such a greatly dificult time using diapers by letting it go? How can I just let myself go but not loose control?

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    Because you have been trained for 16 years not to do that.

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    and because the evolution your body was built on has designed it to work like that

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    I think most people who are just starting to do this, especially if they're younger, have trouble being able to just let go. I did when I was your age. It's like learning to play the guitar or piano, it takes practice and repetition. Don't let it frustrate you because it will become easier over time. My desire is to wet my diaper while I'm asleep at night, and that's even harder. I have done it a few times and last night was one such time.

    I also found that there were some things I could think about that seemed to help me relax. It's all about relaxing the muscles that have spent a lifetime being trained to hold it in. I think that most of it is psychological, the mind having been trained to maintain continence. Experiment with thinking things that make you want to "go" and I think that will help. The more you become frustrated, the more you will become tense and that will make it more difficult. Good luck!

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    It does take time and practice. When I was younger, 8-18, I would have to seriously concentrate in order to pee. Now I can pretty much go in my diaper while standing, sitting or walking. The only time I have never been able to go was while driving, which stinks since it would be so much easier than having to stop. Isn't that why you wear a diaper on a road trip?

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    It gets easier with practice.

    Personally, I choose to use a keyword/phrase that I used every time I wanted to pee.
    Helped significantly, but not 100%
    It still works, but since recent surgeries I have lost more control than I had before and don't have to think so hard.

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    Yea, it's really the kinda thing that just takes getting used to. What helped for me to wet during the day was to stand over(/sit on) the toilet in my diaper and go there, kind of tricking myself into letting go. After I'd be able to do that, I'd migrate away from the toilet, still in the bathroom, and then once I could do that, it became somewhat effortless to wet/mess anywhere.

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    Practice. A lot of it is practice. Even being only 20, it took me a little while to let my body get relaxed enough to pee in a diaper.

    For me, one of the soeed bumps was getting my body to accept that it was OK to do. Having the right mindset from the beginning is huge. You need to commit to wanting this to happen, and wanting to let yourself change.

    When I really started getting back into wearing diapers, I was still young enough that I could fit into 4t-5t pull ups, and when I could squeeze 2 complete wettings into a Goodnites. At the time, they didn't feel like strange things to me. They felt oddly normal and comfortable, and I was able to really use them for their intended purpose. That helped me achieve the right mindset because it let me imagine being a baby, or at that age where you know that going in your diaper or pull up or Goodnites was what you knew, and you were OK with it at the time.

    Try doing anything you can to make yourself feel a little more comfortable. Try maybe keeping your diaper a bit loose. Putting one on too tight could be part of the issue. You'd focus more on being uncomfortable as opposed to peeing. Try sitting on the toilet a few times, as if you were normally going to the bathroom, but while wearing a diaper. There's something about your body's positioning that makes somewhat of a difference. Finally, just relax yourself. Being all tensed and stressed about it isn't going to help at all. Clear your mind, get comfortable and relaxed, and let nature take its course.

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    Long road trips diapred are great! On my way out this Christmas I'll be diapered but not using, because it'd be a hassle to to be in a rush to change when I got to the family after a 6 hr drive. But you can bet it's getting used on the way home! One stop for fuel, zero stops for bathroom!

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    When I started it was hard to let go. that was probably 3 to 4 years ago. I wear nappies on and off. But when i wear, i have been able to train myself to relax and let go. But when i dont have a nappy on my body holds it in. Although there are times that when im not wearing a nappy i feel that i really need to go, so off to the loo i go and nothing much comes out. All part of been a DL. Although i can wet at pretty much anytime anywhere now my body still tells me it needs to go to which i go, öh yes i have a nappy on" and just relax and go.

    I have been trying to get this right at night. But it is still fairly new to me. So still waking up and really having to concentrate to let go. but it is getting better as time a has gone by. Waking up wet without me knowing i have wet is what im trying to achieve. With practice it will come.

    Moral of the story. Practice makes perfect.

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