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    Default Hello from Michigan

    After spending a long time lurking this site, im happy to finally have joined the community. I personally spent years trying to hide this part of myself and felt guilty every time i would ever engage in ABDL activities. I then realized this year that I don't give a fuck what society tells me whats normal, and i never been happier. Outside of being a ABDL i spend alot of time at the gym and airsofting. My favorite music is Metal and some of my favorite bands are Sabaton, Amon Amarth, Iron Savoir, and Avenged Sevenfold.

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    Hello Vapor and welcome to the group.

    Nice introduction.


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    Hello and welcome from another Michigander! It's kinda fun not caring about society eh?

    I miss those days.

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    I have never been happier. Doing what makes me happy instead of worrying what someone else thinks is the most important realization i ever came across, and that goes for all of life not just ABDL stuff.

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