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Thread: What clothes do you like better?

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    Default What clothes do you like better?

    Would you rather sleep in a Romper or a one piece footie pajamas? I like footie pajamas and as a guy I find it cute when girls wear them! Especially if they were an AB!

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    Definitely footie pjs ^.^ especially while it's cold now. My favorite time of the year.

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    I love footie pajamas, they're easily my favorite can't wait to get a pair soon !

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    I like using Lap Neck Adult Onesie, but I would like to try some footed sleeper though

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    Depends on the time of the year. Footie pajamas in the Winter, Snap crotch onesie in the summer.

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    This time of year, & the hemisphere that I live in, definitely footy pjs.

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    This time of year - footed PJs. In the summer - I prefer either bare or with a diaper.

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