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Thread: Candy candy candy

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    Default Candy candy candy

    If this has been posted before, I'm sorry. If not, yays?

    Anyways, What's everyone's favorite candies?
    I know it's bad for you and rots your teeth out, blah blah mom blah blah.

    Mine are:
    - Ring Pops
    - Zero Bars
    - Baby Ruths
    - Dots
    - Skittles
    - SnoCaps
    - Gummies of any kinds
    - M&M's (plain)
    - Pixy Stix
    - Pop Rocks
    - Warheads
    - Hershey's Dark Chocolate miniatures
    - Yogurt covered raisins.

    Added a few that I forgot about (thanks to Hans):
    - Orange Slices
    - Peach Rings
    - Caramel Creams (Bulls eyes)
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    Peach Rings
    Orange Slices
    Circus Peanuts
    Pop Rocks
    Reese's Fast Break

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    Peppermint Puffs
    Hershey Bar (plain or almond)
    Necco wafers
    and it's not strictly candy but Dove bars, the milk chocolate with vanilla ice cream ones

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    3 Musketeers
    Crunch Bars
    Hershey's Chocolate
    Boston Baked Beans (Yes, the peanut ones)

    Yeah, I'm more of a "chocolate" kind of person :/

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    Let's see here... I guess I'll list them in the order that I like them!

    Heath Bars
    Nerds, and all variations
    Gummi Worms
    Juicy Fruit Gum
    Gummy Life Savers
    Bubble Gum
    3 Musketeers
    Jujy Fruits (Those little JuJu's)

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    o0o0oh someone else who enjoys gummi's. I can't get enough.

    Damn I forgot about Nerds... Oh and nerds rope.

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    don't eat candy anymore, but when I was a kid I was obsessed with gummi worms. I'd buy them in bulk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    don't eat candy anymore, but when I was a kid I was obsessed with gummi worms. I'd buy them in bulk.
    You don't eat candy anymore. WEIRDO!!!!!!!

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    I can't eat my favorite candies anymore due to teeth problems - crowns/missing teeth. My favs were any kind of licorice flavored candy like Good & Plenty, Nibs, Night & Day, and just plain licorice sticks. Right now I have some of my second favorite - vanilla buttercreams with dark, bittersweet chocolate coating. The bittersweet chocolate cuts the sweetness of the cream filling somewhat so they aren't as sickning sweet as they would be with a sweet, milk chocolate coating. I don't even need teeth to enjoy the buttercreams.


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