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Thread: Overheard a mother giving her child permission to use his diaper

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    Default Overheard a mother giving her child permission to use his diaper

    I was at the supermarket on the weekend, and as I stood in line at the checkout, there was a young mother in front of me with 2 kids, one was an actual baby in a capsule fitted to the trolley, and the other was a little boy of perhaps 4 years of age.

    I would've said that the boy was too old to be wearing a nappy, but that's a debate for another time. He obviously was, and I could see the top of his disposable sticking out the back of his red shorts.

    As we stood in line, he seemed a bit hyperactive. He wasn't exactly being difficult or a handful, but just wouldn't stand still.

    Suddenly he started grabbing the front of his shorts, and said "Mummy, I've gotta do a wee!"

    His mother told him they would be finished shortly, and she would take him to the toilet. He was quiet for maybe 30 seconds, but then repeated his request with a bit more urgency. "Mummy, I've gotta go now!"

    She just bent over and spoke quietly to him, and I heard her say "It's okay Marcus, you've got your special undies on remember. Try to hold it if you can, but it's okay if you can't."

    The line moved on, and he stopped squirming. He didn't make it obvious that he had wet, or was wetting himself, but he stopped moaning about it.

    I thought to myself as they walked off what a wonderful feeling it must be to be told that it's okay to do a wee in your nappy in public, and nobody will care.

    I am guessing he must be a late potty trainer, hence why he was wearing in public at that age. He obviously knew he needed to go, but still hasn't mastered full control of himself yet.
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    I like that thought ;-), ... Being told to wet anyway. ... Or being told you can't hold it because you are too young.

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    Sounds like the kid might have some troubles holding it, mildly IC or something? Why call it "Special Underwear" If the kid wasn't potty trained. Idk maybe I'm over analyzing.

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    may just have a low usable capacity and urgency issues at that early age. obviously knows when he has to go and can put a cork in it at least for awhile, that's the biggest part of the battle right there.

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    I've heard mothers do this. It seems more common for children to stay in diapers longer. When I was young my mother was embarrassed her 20 month old child was still in diapers. By age of two, I was months out of diapers. Now lately I've seen kids as old a 5 in diapers all the time. IMO if your in school, diapers should be gone. Not the thought process (where i live at least).

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    I remember a similar situation in my childhood.
    I was at one of my older step brother's football games, I was about 10-12 years old at the time. There was a young mother, daughter and boyfriend (maybe father I can't remember.) The I overheard the you girl tell her mom that she had to go potty. They whispered back and fourth. To this day I remember the mother telling her daughter "Just go in your pants if you can't hold it! I'll clean you up when we get home." That send my young mind racing. LOL The little girl did not end up having an accident. That scene is just stuck in my head for some reason. I kinda wish I was in her situation.

    I was potty trained very early but there were kids in my neighborhood that were still in diapers at 3 1/2- 4.

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    Kids also tend to hold it until it's urgent, until they ask to go.

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    This is not an uncommon thing. There were quite a few times when our kids were in training pants or diapers, were in the car, and told us they needed to go. If we were driving through town and could manage a quick stop at a gas station or similar, we would do so, as we did want to reinforce potty usage as much as possible. Nonetheless, there were times when a stop was inconvenient or impossible, and so we did encourage them to use their diapers on those occasions. Heck, just a couple of months ago, I was watching my son play soccer when a younger, stroller-bound sibling of one of my son's teammates told her mother, "I need go potty!" (or something like that) Her mother calmly replied that they couldn't leave the game while her brother was playing, and that she should go in her diaper. Had I been her dad, I'd probably have taken her to the potty, but them I'm also not much of a soccer fan.

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    I saw the same thing in a store. A little girl was in a cart and told her mom she had to go. Her mom said, "No. You have a pullup on. Just go in that."

    All DL fantasy aside, if a little one is being potty trained, won't that set him/her back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    All DL fantasy aside, if a little one is being potty trained, won't that set him/her back?
    I would go out on a limb and without any justification say, yes that would set them back. Unless you have a particularly intelligent child, who understands why it is "ok" that one time. Maybe if you explain why it was ok when you get the chance, it might not set them back (as much).

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